Fashion Stylist Samineh Safavi Shares Her Secrets To The Perfect Seasonless Wardrobe

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Samineh Safavi
Samineh showcases a black Alaïa dress as one of her most timeless pieces. Whether dressed down with boots (worn here with Alaïa boots) or dressed up with heels and high-jewellery, the piece transcends seasons

Fashion stylist, consultant and founder of STYLED, Samineh Safavi is famous for dressing some of Dubai’s most formidable fashion forces. Here’s why, for her, seasonless staples should make up the core of every wardrobe.

What key pieces should make up a seasonless wardrobe – one that works for all seasons and climates?

Seasonless items make up the core of your wardrobe, so it’s important to spend time finding the perfect pieces to invest in; ones that look like they were made just for your body. While certain body types suit certain styles differently, key pieces every woman should own include a plain satin slip dress, a straight satin skirt, an exceptionally nice-fitting suit (ideally three-piece with a waistcoat as you can wear each piece separately), a basic tee, bathing suit to be used as a body and a cashmere cardigan and jumper.

Do you personally work a seasonless wardrobe, and if so, why?

Yes, as I’m extremely passionate about having a strong core to my wardrobe. The beauty of a seasonless wardrobe is that you can easily build on each look, layering pieces for autumn and winter, then stripping down to light and minimal looks during summer. In the fashion world, having a strong core means that you have worked hard on your basics, so you should never have a day where you feel like you have nothing to wear. It’s inevitable that there will always be moments of uncertainty, but if your core is solid then you won’t feel the same anxiety around finding an outfit at the last moment.

What colours do you recommend?

There is something luxurious about neutral colours – they are easy on the eye and make any outfit look instantly chic in a nonchalant way. It’s important to make sure you find the perfect neutral tone for your skintone and hair colour, though – your perfect beige could be very different to my perfect beige.

Samineh recommends a wardrobe with neutral options that compliment your skin tone, as shown at Zimmermann

How can women tackle the need for both casual and formal dressing with one seasonless wardrobe?

It is simply about how you combine the pieces and put each look together. As an example, a plain satin slip dress can be worn in around 30 different ways, and you can take it from day to evening in a heartbeat with a change of shoe or by adding some statement accessories.

Have you seen the trend only among high-end designers or is the high-street following suit, too?

The trend is apparent across both, but be it high-end or high-street, collections must ensure they stand the test of time. It’s extremely apparent how quickly the market has adapted to this – overall, collections are becoming more minimal and effortless. Those are key words for seasonless dressing and I truly think it’s what we will continue to see for years to come.

Expectations when it comes to eveningwear can be even trickier, especially in the Middle East. Do you think it’s still frowned upon to repeat-wear cocktail dresses?

Even though many of my clients might feel it’s boring, wearing the same gown twice is definitely acceptable. I show them how we can re-cut and re-stitch them without having to really change the original design, which can give an evening dress a fresh new feel. This could simply be changing a sleeve length, adding or removing a feature, or altering the waistline or hemline. All these small changes can create a brand new look and feel. If it’s a very classic piece such as a black silk taffeta gown, then simply adding and changing jewels and learning how to layer it can be enough.

Seasonless wardrobe aside, diving head-first into frivolous trends can at times be fun and freeing – for AW20, which trends do you love just for the sake of it?

Controversial headwear, a feathery shoe, ski clothes that cost more than a small house and an oversized dress-suit!

Image credits: Styled by Samineh Safavi | Photographed by Ausra Osipaviciute | Hair and make-up: Danny Clements

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  • Words by Naomi Chadderton and Kelly Baldwin