Six Wardrobe Staples That Caroline Labouchere Can’t Be Without

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Caroline Labouchere

Fashion model Caroline Labouchere is celebrated for her perpetually timeless appeal, oozing ease and sophistication on any fashion set that she graces. The Middle East’s consistent climate paves the way for a seasonless approach to style, she argues.

Have you attempted a seasonless wardrobe?

It is definitely much easier to take more items through the entire year when living in the Middle East. My most transitional pieces are probably white tops, linen sets, and the perfect T-shirts, both long and short. The weight of my fabric choice does change with the season, but I have a few long cardigans that work well layered on top of shorts and other more summer-focused pieces. That said, I do love my English winter wardrobe and that’s difficult to bring back to Dubai…

Break down the key pieces that would make up your ideal timeless wardrobe.

Manolo Blahnik leather high heels in black; classic cowboy boots; high-waisted jeans, boot cut; white T-shirts; white classic buttoned shirt; long grey cardigan.

How do you approach your colour choice when considering pieces that will transcend seasons?

Black, white, grey and navy; that’s it in a nutshell – safe and elegant.

Which brands do you trust for good, staple pieces that will take you through numerous wears and occasions?

Manolo Blahnik footwear will elevate any outfit. Massimo Dutti for everyday style. Gucci for special, luxurious touches. Ralph Lauren for classic pieces. Sweaty Betty for loungewear and casual wear staples. And Balmain, for the ultimate forever blazers.

There’s been a big push for sustainability and waste reduction over the last decade. Would you say that your own wardrobe and buying habits have evolved?

I am definitely thinking twice before making any purchases – less is more; reducing my wardrobe to things I really love, not just like. I have added more special things to my wardrobe in the last couple of years than ever in my life; items that bring me joy when I look at them, let alone wear them.

How do you tackle the need for both casual and formal dressing with one seasonless wardrobe?

My ripped shorts and jeans get dressed up and down. My ‘dress-up’ is less up these days – I usually just tweak from the waist down, mainly the shoes.

Seasonless wardrobe aside, what fleeting trend are you willing to splurge a little on this season?

I have a huge urge for green leather, but I’ll definitely make it pleather. I am not sure exactly what yet, but I’ll know when I see it!

Image credits: Photographed by: Ausra Osipaviciute | Styling by: Samineh Safavi | Hair and make-up: Denny Clements

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  • Words by Naomi Chadderton and Kelly Baldwin