Roshni Khemlani Shares Why Knitwear Isn’t Just For Winter

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One third of the creative sister trio behind contemporary knitwear label Izaak Azanei, Roshni Khemlani’s sights have always been set on trans-seasonal elevated closet staples. Here’s what you can find in her wardrobe…

What key pieces should make up a seasonless wardrobe – one that works for all seasons and climates?

For starters, a crisp white shirt is a must – it’s a great foundation to build upon. You can layer yours according to whatever look you’re going for, and they can be dressed up or down seamlessly. A well-structured blazer, a great pair of jeans, a fedora and a pair of ankle boots are other seasonless essentials that should be in every wardrobe, too.

What does your seasonless wardrobe look like?

I personally prefer to invest in classics which I can pair alongside some trendier pieces. However, classic pieces are often seasonless, and for me this is the most sustainable way to shop as I can maximise the use of every piece I buy. I also spend a significant amount of time travelling and so by default, my wardrobe has become very trans-seasonal over the years.

How do you approach your colour choice when considering pieces that will transcend seasons?

While it can be tempting to gravitate towards more neutral tones like creams, camels, greys and blacks, I don’t see colour as a deterrent for an item of clothing transcending seasons. I definitely think that certain styles can be trickier to carry through the seasons, so investing in more classic shapes regardless of the colour can keep an item relevant throughout the years.

How do you tackle the need for both casual and formal dressing with one seasonless wardrobe?

For me, the difference between a casual and formal outfit largely comes down to two things: accessories and footwear. A simple white shirt and leather pants can be worn with espadrilles during the day, while chunky statement jewellery, a blazer and ankle boots will transform your look for after-hours. A seasonless wardrobe definitely requires some good investments in footwear and accessories.


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As a designer, do you have a seasonless wardrobe in mind when designing your collections?

At Izaak Azanei, our premise since founding the brand back in 2014 has been trans-seasonal elevated closet staples. We strive to design pieces that can be considered investment-worthy and can be worn by women of any age and any style. That’s why we chose to work with knitwear. Knitwear can easily be thought of as a winter trend, but it is arguably the most diverse and versatile category of clothing. Can you think of one woman, regardless of her age, personal style or location who does not own a cardigan? My co-founders and I have always been incredibly conscious of creating collections made up of pieces that have longevity in our customers’ wardrobes. Not only is it the most sustainable way to create fashion, it also allows for our customers to come back to our pieces throughout the year, regardless of the season.

How do you accommodate for women in the Middle East?

Knitwear is an incredibly popular category in the Middle East, and since founding the brand we have had a large global presence across the region including Dubai, Jordan, Beirut, Kuwait, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. There are so many different techniques you can deploy when working with knitwear, and many of our blends are light in nature, making them the perfect companion for individuals living in transient cities such as Dubai, where people are constantly on the move. We also work with cotton blends, silk and wool, creating collections that consist of staple pieces that can be paired alongside your knitwear.

In what ways do you think a woman’s style needs have evolved over the past 12 months?

The major trend of the last 12 months has been loungewear. Given the challenges of today’s environment, I think women want pieces that are functional yet comfortable, where they can still look presentable and be relaxed; pieces that work at home but also for a Zoom meeting, without having to constantly change. I think this focus on functionality will continue.

What’s your most-worn style of 2020 so far?

A crop-top set and the cashmere biker shorts from our autumn/ winter 20 collection: it’s fun, freeing and playful. It’s the ultimate cool girl set, but because it’s crafted from such a deliciously soft and light cable knit, it’s not intimidating in the slightest. I’ve personally been living in it for this period of lockdown – it’s comfortable, extremely chic and allows me to still feel ‘fashion’ despite being confined to my home!

Image credits: Photographed by: Ausra Osipaviciute | Styled by: Samineh Safavi | Hair and make-up: Denny Clements

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  • Words by Naomi Chadderton and Kelly Baldwin