A Day In The Life Of…Maria Hatzistefanis

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Have you ever wondered what some of your favourite female figures get up to each day? MOJEH’s A Day In The Life series follows some of the region’s most influential female movers and shakers, from business owners and entrepreneurs to fashion designers and art gallery owners. This week we’re talking to Maria Hatzistefanis, London-based beauty entrepreneur who founded ground-​breaking skincare group, Rodial, back in 1999, and now counts the likes of Beyoncè and Victoria Beckham among her loyal fanbase.

I wake up…between 5am-6am every day naturally. I am a early riser, I like starting my day when people are sleeping and it’s quiet, it’s my favourite part of the day.

My morning routine normally consists of…I have an espresso whilst checking emails and my @mrsrodial IG + TikTok accounts. I always exercise in the mornings – I usually do an online spinning class on my Peloton. Pre-pandemic I loved an early morning Barry’s Bootcamp class too so it’s great to be able to get back to that again too! I also try to find time to meditate which is important to me – it sets me up with a calm mind for the busy day ahead.

My typical day…I normally start the day on Instagram sharing a skin or makeup routine with our followers before I head to the office. Mornings are set aside for catch ups with my key teams. I spend a lot of time with my NPD team looking at samples and packaging for new launches, along with catching up with my social, web and sales teams. Normally in the afternoon I may have lunch meetings with buyers or other contacts, and I try to find time to visit our stores and spend time with my sales team.

The Maria Hatzistefanis working wardrobe consists of…black skinny leggings by Wardrobe NYC or The Row and an oversize Top by Balenciaga

The Maria Hatzistefanis go-to beauty look for the 9-5 looks like…Rodial Skin Tint, Banana Lowlighter + Powder and XXL Mascara. I need my makeup to be quick and effective.

For lunch I eat…usually lots of protein, salmon sashimi, veggies etc. I snack on nuts throughout the day and lots of sparking water.

What I love most about my job is…the fact that I get to be creative every single day. I am very hands on with my business, and I like to be involved in all departments to really have a handle on everything going on.

And what I enjoy the least is…firefighting the small non-creative issues that are usually the most time consuming.

When I get home I…I normally keep working for a while as our USA and Asia markets are open. I will have dinner and watch some Netflix before bed. I always use the Rodial Pink Diamond Cleansing Balm at night as it’s so luxurious on the skin. I am asleep by 10pm.

I couldn’t live without…Rodial Banana Lowlighter- there’s a reason we are always sold out!

When I feel stressed I…meditate. I find the best way to deal with stressful situations is to step away and take time to try and balance yourself. I explore this in my book ‘How To Make It Happen’ – stress can really kill your motivation and stops you from reaching your goals.

If I wasn’t in my current position, I would be…I think I would be doing something in fashion, it’s my passion!

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  • Compiled by Naomi Chadderton