November 2022 Editor’s Letter: The Masterpieces Issue

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The November issue of MOJEH is dedicated to life’s finer things from trinkets to travel, fashion to food. Here, Editor-in-Chief Mojeh Izadpanah spills what’s on this month’s pages…

We may make jokes about being addicted to our screens, and I’m as guilty as the next person when it comes to too much tech time, but when work and personal life collide over your phone it can be very challenging to know when to say stop. Checking Instagram, Whatsapp messages and emails is a normal part of our daily to-do list, but is it harming our health? Whether it’s workaholism or social media swiping, it’s very likely that we are all addicted to something to varying degrees. The good news is, once spotted we can all recover with some tried and tested tricks to lead a more mindful and aware life, and we’re sharing how to kick the habit.

Introducing: The Masterpieces Issue

November 1st marks World Vegan Day and a beginning of a month dedicated to a more sustainable and natural way of living. I’ve often wondered what really makes a product vegan certified and, as it turns out, it’s quite simple. To qualify as vegan, products are formulated without the use of animal-derived ingredients. But make sure you also choose cruelty-free products, meaning they haven’t been tested on animals. We have compiled a list of the best in the business, and not only do they smell and look great, but they also do what they say on the bottle. That gets an A+ from us.

This very special issue also features some truly stunning baubles, sustainably sourced and recycled in order to breathe new life into the most beautiful jewellery in the world.

Editor’s Highlights

With autumn in full swing, it’s time to rug up in the season’s much-loved colour-of-the moment, ruby red. The haute hue is also the perfect makeup colour and accompaniment to your home.

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