November 2023 Editor’s Letter: Urban Allure

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As the refreshing November breeze graces the Middle East, our hearts are simultaneously heavy for the Palestinians. As we send this issue to press, aid is still finding it challenging to reach Gaza. We fervently pray and hope for a prompt humanitarian ceasefire. Meanwhile, we stand in support of charities tirelessly working to alleviate the suffering. Among them is the Emirates Red Crescent, initiating the Tarahum for Gaza campaign in collaboration with the World Food Programme and in coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Community Development. In these emotionally turbulent times, I cannot overstate the importance of self-care and mental health. It’s in moments like these that our collective resilience shines brightest, yet prioritising well-being remains paramount.

Transitioning from these reflections, we also embrace the lighter, more joyous aspects of life. Celebrating the great outdoors, we have meticulously selected an array of exquisite restaurants and getaways for the long holiday weekend. Whether it’s the tranquility of a beach or the vibrancy of urban life that you seek, we’ve got you covered.

Photographed by Emma Picq

The MOJEH November cover is graced by the AW23 Couture pieces by Hedi Slimane for Celine, embodying luxury and elegance and setting a festive tone for the upcoming holiday season. Additionally, our editorial team presents Chameleon, a photoshoot that showcases the season’s coolest Haute Couture pieces, encouraging you to explore and experiment with your personal style.

As you delve into this issue, we hope it serves as a source of inspiration and empowerment, a testament to the beauty and resilience that characterises our region. In closing, I want to emphasise the power of love and unity. In these challenging times, let’s hold each other close, seeking solace in the small things we cherish. May this season not only bring you closer to what you love but also fill your heart with the warmth of togetherness and uplift your spirits.

Editor’s Highlights

Events season means glamming up and rich, shimmering shades — courtesy of Hermès, no less — are my go-to for nights on the town

Under the patronage of Her Highness Sheikha Latifa bint Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the sixth edition of Dubai Watch Week is set to take place between November 16 to 20 at DIFC. Whether you’re a collector, a timepiece expert or simply a lover of horology, there is plenty to do, see and learn about.

Editor’s Picks

All that glitters can be gold. Case in point? My November wardrobe, which I’m filling with statement co-ords and minimalist accessories

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