June 2024 Editor’s Letter: Fierceness, Unleashed

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Photographed by Hana Levan

Editor in Chief Mojeh Izadpanah unpacks the June issue of MOJEH

As the summer sun bathes us in its warm glow, it’s time to embrace the season with style, grace and a touch of luxury. In this June issue of MOJEH, we’re thrilled to present you with an exclusive preview of the latest trends in fashion, swimwear and beauty to elevate your summer experience to new heights.

Our cover shoot features the exquisite craftsmanship and timeless elegance of Cartier’s latest high jewellery collection. During a magnificent launch weekend in Vienna, the MOJEH team had the privilege of being among the first to witness and try on these extraordinary pieces. Prepare to be dazzled as we showcase the stunning creations that epitomise sophistication and glamour.

MOJEH June 2024, Photographed by Chantelle Dosser

In the pages that follow, discover curated selections of summer fashion essentials that will effortlessly transition you from sun-soaked days to balmy evenings. Whether you’re lounging poolside or attending soirées under the stars, our expertly-curated fashion choices ensure you’ll make a statement wherever you go.

But summer beauty isn’t just about flawless attire; it’s also about glowing skin and radiant confidence. Dive into our beauty and skincare recommendations tailored to the Middle Eastern climate, ensuring you stay luminous and refreshed throughout the season.

Here’s to a summer filled with style, adventure and endlessly brilliant possibilities.

Editor’s Highlights

Celebrating the multifaceted nature of femininity, Gucci Bloom’s latest Eau de Toilette iteration, created by Master Perfumer Alberto Morillas, offers a scent for all your special occasions. Shop now

Weaving a story around each piece, Cartier’s latest high jewellery collection Nature Sauvage incorporates animals into its intricate designs, allowing every individual to express their unique personality. Discover the collection

Editor’s Picks

Earthy tones take over the summer wardrobe with beige, brown and burgundy adding a feeling of comfort and versatility to everything in June’s calendar — think spontaneous holidays and unexpected party invites

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