MFW: Alberta Ferretti’s Fairytale

58 sec read

By Jemma Walker

A fairytale story of a Romeo and Juliet-like romance, set within the context of an enchanted forest – it could only be the opulent AW15 collection from Alberta Ferretti.

The Italian fashion designer reveled in taking us on a walk through romantic history with an inspirational theme that seduced London’s catwalks last week. With shades of regal red, softer fall tones and indulgent velvets mixed with gentle embroidery, one can almost hear the whispered memories of the Renaissance echoing throughout this collection. Subtle red shades are hidden in the lining of structured jackets, representing the sudden surprises involved in every love affair – an element which Ferretti is fond of.

The projection of a verdant forest is to set the mystical backdrop where natural palettes caress every design. Models adorned natural make-up with loose, blow-dried ponytails in a simple yet quiet look that refocused attention on to the array of capes, Shakespearian dresses and sheer dream-like designs which complemented the fairytale setting.   

Further injections of confident prints, bristling fur and suede boots added a modern element to the collection, which is ideally suited to the strong, romantic Ferretti woman.

See every chapter of the story below…