How to Brighten Your Style With Colourful Handbags

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As spring teeters on the brink, ready to sweep away the lingering chill of winter, our wardrobes may still be loitering in the grey tones of Brighton’s pebbled beaches. But fear not, for the fashion-forward have a trick up their impeccably tailored sleeves – the colourful handbag.

In a sea of muted hues, this accessory is your sartorial lifeline. The latest fashion week’s street style geniuses have paraded their chromatic choices with aplomb, serving as our muses for mastering the art of colourising and accessorising. From bright lemon-hued totes to baby blue cross-shoulder bags, every hue on the chromatic scale is game.

It’s time to invigorate your look with a splash of colour; a vivid handbag is not just an accessory, it’s a statement – a declaration of your readiness to embrace the brighter, bolder days coming our way.

Red Ahead

A scarlet red handbag is the epitome of confidence and allure. This bold hue commands attention and adds a dramatic flair, making it the perfect accent for both day and night ensembles.

Think Pink

It might be the barbiecore trend still lingering, but soft and romantic or bold and vibrant, pink handbags add a touch of whimsy and femininity to your look. They’re perfect for softening edgier outfits or embracing your inner romantic.

Sun Yellow

Like a burst of sunshine on a cloudy day, sun yellow handbags radiate joy and vitality. They capture the essence of summer and bring a cheerful pop to any outfit, making every day feel like the height of summer.


Orange Crush

Orange handbags are the embodiment of energy and creativity. This vibrant colour can revitalize any look, making it ideal for those who wish to stand out and express their zest for life.

Ain’t nothing but ga blues thing

From serene  blue to deeper denim tones, blue handbags offer a range of expressions. They evoke a sense of calm and reliability, making them a versatile choice for any occasion.

Lavander Dream

Lavender handbags weave a tale of tranquility and elegance. This soft, pastel hue brings a delicate and refined touch to your attire, perfect for adding a subtle colour without overwhelming.

Lavander bag by Fendi


Verdant Vogue

Green handbags, in shades from olive to emerald, connect your ensemble to the natural world. They symbolize growth and renewal, bringing a refreshing and grounded element to your wardrobe.

Chain embelllished bag by JW Anderson

Minty green handbags instantly infuse a breath of fresh air into any ensemble.

Puzzle bag by LOEWE

  • Images courtesy of launchmetrics/spotlight