How To Style Your Chanel Wardrobe Now The Dubai Weather Is Cooling

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As climes cool, now is the time to indulge in your Chanel tweeds and knits again

Feeling starved of your luscious knitwear, two-piece tweeds and feathered favourites? Now’s the time to make the most of the cooling climes and give center stage to your Chanel go-tos once again. This season, wearing Chanel in Dubai is about layering, accessorising and introducing subtle injections of shine. In the above look, MOJEH teams a quixotic layered feather dress with plenty of sequins and pearls. Don’t forget this year’s favourite head-piece: the beret.

Navy blue and ecru jumper in wool and cashmere;
black skirt in chiffon; cuff in metal and resin, Chanel

Team heavy knits with sheers for a hard versus soft approach. The above chiffon skirt evokes the free-spirit of summer while the patterned cable jumper cements you firmly in winter. If you have a penchant for tweed, then dip in to your heavy duty two-pieces, but opt for the lighter hues to avoid an overload of winter. Accessorise with sturdy pieces to match the strength of the season. Think boxy bags, brogues and solid metal bracelets.

White, black, navy blue and red faux tweed skirt and jacket; multicoloured cashmere and wool jumper; Maison Michel-crafted cap
in faux tweed embellished with braid and resin; metal and leather bag, Chanel

Photographed by Francesco Vincenti | Styled by Kelly Baldwin | Model: Marta Marghidanu | Make-up artist: Monika Grensteen | Hair stylist: Michele Qureshi | Photographer’s assistant: Giuliana Vincenti | Local Production: Art Factory Management | Brand Manager: Kelly Baldwin/MOJEH Production
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