A Day In The Life Of Laloge Founder Reem Abou Samra

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As founder of luxury spa chain Laloge, Reem Abou Samra celebrates beauty from morning to night

I wake up at… around 8.30am or 9am, unless it has been a very late night. The Dubai lifestyle is very busy with lots of lovely events, and I travel often for both vacation and business, so keeping a strict schedule isn’t always possible. But I make sure I get at least seven hours of sleep each night.

My morning routine normally starts with… meditation – it boosts my energy and has a positive impact on my day. I always have fresh fruit and juice for breakfast, when I also check my emails, if I don’t have time to head to the office. Then I evaluate all that needs to be done, make a mental plan and start replying to calls and messages at mid to late morning.

My typical day… aside from flitting between the six salons, I meet with suppliers, negotiate contracts and handle any HR issues that arise. The pandemic has not made it easy as staffing levels can change dramatically at any time due to isolation needs, and that can have a big knock-on effect that needs instant action.

My go-to working wardrobe… is usually dictated by what events I have on that day. I opt for a casual chic style during the day, something that looks good at work, but is also fashionable and stylish for a luncheon. For evening events I enjoy dressing up, but I always choose comfort. You cannot enjoy your evening if you are not comfortable.

My go-to beauty look for the 9-5 looks like… I don’t wear much makeup in the mornings – I just like to make sure that my skin looks good and clear. I leave my dramatic makeup for the evening, when I like to experiment with different looks and colours. I prefer to have professional makeup done for events – my makeup artist at Laloge knows what suits me and will come up with a new look each time, depending on what I am wearing.

For lunch I eat… something light with a Mediterranean mix of meats, vegetables and salads if eating with friends. I also love sushi.

What I love most about my job is… watching our customers leave beautified. When they walk out with confidence and they feel special, I feel happy. Beauty gives happiness and boosts everyone’s self-esteem.

And what I enjoy the least is… the all-important admin and paperwork! I definitely favour the creative side of my work, so I employ the best people possible to handle the many remaining tasks that need to be delegated out.

When I get home I… enjoy spending quality time relaxing with my daughters and husband. I am out numerous evenings each week, so we always try and spend early evening time together. We will discuss our day, watch TV, eat and generally enjoy our time together.

I couldn’t live without… obviously my family, but after that comes laughter and fun. When you have a demanding business and busy schedule, it is essential to unwind, and for me that is always with good friends and family.

When I feel stressed I… put my phone down and practice breathing and meditation. Without a clear mind, you cannot make good decisions, so I take a break when I need to as we cannot mend our minds if they do not get adequate rest. Follow Reem Abou Samra on Instagram and visit the Lolage website here

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