The Celebrity-Approved Hairstyles To Experiment With This Winter

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The beginning of a new season brings with it a desire for change, and in the beauty world this means a hair refresh. Introducing the styles to try this winter, from a festive season-appropriate hue to the Zendaya-approved cut

The Cut


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If a trend is Zendaya-approved, there’s not much more you need to say to get us to hop on the beauty bandwagon. Evidently, that sentiment rings true for the 400,000 viewers watching #butterflybob tutorials on TikTok. The appeal of the butterfly bob lies in the undone, nearly natural aesthetic emerging this autumn. So what does the butterfly bob entail, exactly? “It’s a less structured take on the traditional bob,”explains Tanya Estrid Van Renen, artistic director at Pastels Salon in Dubai. “It has the same short length as a bob, but features more layers throughout and face-framing pieces at the front.” It is these feathered, face-framing layers — think extremely grown-out bangs— that are the reason behind the ‘butterfly’ moniker as they are said to resemble butterfly wings.

Wednesday star Jenna Ortega is also known to appreciate the low-maintenance cut — the butterfly bob is a breeze for at-home styling. Plus, the abundance of layers lends itself to woke-up-like-this glam that can be tousled throughout the day to amplify volume. “To style, you can simply diffuse your hair or use a texture spray if your hair is on the finer side,” advises Tanya. “The butterfly bob is easier for those with naturally textured or wavy hair to achieve, though it can work for all hair types and face shapes.” Upkeep is also significantly less than the traditional sharp-edged bob thanks to its softness. “You only need to visit your salon every eight weeks to keep the layers looking fresh,” concludes Tanya. Where do we sign up?

The Colour


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During autumn, hair salons typically see clients asking to transform their sun-kissed strands to deeper hues to reflect the cosy season ahead. Copper hair gently emerged when Kendall Jenner debuted burnt-orange hair at the Prada runway last year, though the colours lipped through the cracks as other trends took hold. Now copper hair is back with a vengeance (and a brand-new name): say howdy to cowgirl copper. The #cowgirlcopperhair hashtag has amassed 4.9million views on TikTok, spurred on by Emily Ratajkowski unveiling her own copper tresses last month. But is it achievable for us non-supermodels? “Cowgirl copper is a combination of leathery tones, reds, burnt oranges and copper shades,” explains Lucy Palmer, artistic director at Boho Salon in Dubai.

The name itself comes from the auburn hues found throughout Western clothing (who would have thought our hair choices would be influenced by cowboy boots and fringed jackets?). This fiery mix of tones means cowgirl copper is completely customisable and therefore complements a variety of skin tones. “By considering your skin tone, you can create a unique hair colour that complements your natural beauty. Those with porcelain skin should ask for a brighter orange undertone to add radiance, while redder shades are best suited for olive skin.” While cowgirl copper is on the high maintenance side, frequent visits to the salon will keep your colour fresh until spring. “My recommendation would be to schedule touch-ups every six weeks, whether it’s to add a gloss, toner or touchup your roots.” However, don’t be afraid to get hands-on at home. “Use colour-safe, sulphate-free products and be sure to cleanse, moisturise and finish with a protective UV treatment,” adds Lucy.

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