Why This Neutral Hue Should Be Your Go-To For Autumn

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Max Mara

In the world of fashion and interiors, trends come and go, yet amidst the ever-evolving landscape, one particular hue has managed to withstand the test of time. This begs the question — why are we all so obsessed with beige?

One five-minute scroll of social media and how often do you come across something that is beige? Maybe it’s a snap of a friend’s new baby whose pyjamas and onesies are made from organic sustainable cotton in a beautiful (yet anything but baby-friendly) oatmeal hue. Or perhaps it’s your sister’s new bouclé sofa set that matches perfectly to her pristine jute rug, decorative light cotton cushions and desert sand ceramic tableware. More often than not it’s a fashion influencer — probably in Ibiza or Paros (Mykonos is so 2022) — sporting a simple white tee with a pair of perfectly-tailored caramel trousers that look plain even though they are Dhs7,000 from The Row. She’ll be drinking a vanilla latte or a glass of the palest rosé on the grape list, of course. Ladies and gents —welcome to the era of beigeification.


In its many differing hues, to many people beige represents money. It’s the colour of the interior of a Rolls-Royce. It’s the perfect YSL bag. It’s foie gras. Yet it also possesses a captivating charm that effortlessly complements a wide range of aesthetics, with its timeless elegance and versatility emerging as a prominent trend over the past couple of seasons. “I am clean,” it says. “I am effortless and breezy.” You can blame Kim Kardashian and her all-white house all you like, but there really is no escaping it. “Beige is a shade that signals classic and chic styling, and the muted tone puts more emphasis on the fabrication of the garment than the piece itself,” Heather Gramston, senior head of men’s and womenswear buying at Browns tells MOJEH. “By doing so, we associate it with investment dressing, as seen through the recent trend of quiet luxury.”


Originating from the French word beige, which means natural, undyed wool, the colour derives its essence from nature itself. Representing simplicity, warmth and understated luxury, hues range from camel and sand to almond and vanilla, all of which have transcended seasonal boundaries to become a go-to hue for countless designers season after season. Its soft, earthy tones offer a respite from the often vibrant and eclectic colour palettes so often dominating the industry, with everything from sophisticated tailored suits to flowing ethereal dresses adding an air of refinement and timelessness to the most stylish of wardrobes. “Timeless beige pieces that can be worn season after season are a mid-length trench coat, as well as cashmere sweaters, and we notice our customers increasingly looking for both as we head into autumn,” says Heather.


Similarly, in the realm of interiors, beige has become synonymous with contemporary elegance. Whether in minimalist Scandinavian design or lavish Mediterranean villas, this neutral hue acts as a unifying force, seamlessly blending with various architectural styles and materials. See those beige walls? They provide a soothing backdrop, allowing furniture, artwork, and accessories to take centre stage. Or what about that beige upholstery that adds an element of tranquillity and comfort? Divine. The timeless appeal of the vanilla hue has made it a beloved choice among interior designers and homeowners seeking are fined aesthetic that withstands fleeting trends. “I believe beige has such an enduring appeal at home because it is indicative of a classic and timeless design,” Aleksandra Mojse, interior designer and founder of new Dubai-based boutique design consultancy Moy tells MOJEH.“Its different tones are also associated with luxurious materials such as natural stone, marble and high quality fabrics like cashmere and silk, which are most often found in upscale homes, thus creating that association between beige and luxury.”

Proenza Schouler

Back to fashion, and while luxury brands like Hermès, Ralph Lauren, Burberry and the Olsen twins’ The Row have long been making luxury staples in neutral colours a status symbol, it’s hardly surprising that beige is just as popular for AW23, with everyone from Loewe and Miu Miu to Proenza Schouler and MaxMara — a longtime champion of the palette — treating us to neutral separates that should take pride of place in any new season wardrobe. Miu Miu’s thigh-skimming camel jackets, for example, make for the perfect cover-up for an autumnalEuropean jaunt, while Hermès has crafted almost everything under the sun — think shirts and culottes down to scarves, bags and shoes — in varying beige hues that are perfect for layering.

Victoria Beckham

Elsewhere a pair of brown snakeskin trousers-cum-boots stole the show at Victoria Beckham, while Armani treated us to a softer whites and-inspired colour palette that is both effortless and stylish all at the same time. “The recent shift to minimalism on the AW23 runway saw refined silhouettes combined with neutral tones from a number of designers,” adds Heather. “Chloé’s beige corduroy three-piece suit and a laser cut mini bag from Alaïa are currently at the top of my wishlist. Beige is never boring, but if you’re worried, try styling your piece with accessories in a contrasting print or colour with an unexpected texture such as vinyl or patent to add a point of interest.”

Miu Miu

Perhaps our love of beige stems from its versatility. You can add pops of colour if you so wish, after all. Or maybe we gravitate to it because we value comfort and warmth.Or it could be that we are finally focusing on classic, investment buys that stand the test of time rather than fad fast fashion that not only hurts the environment but our bank balance, too. Whatever the reason, the beige brigade shows no sign of dissipating anytime soon, and we, for one, are here for it.

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  • Words by Naomi Chadderton