Athleisure Wardrobe: What to Wear for a High Impact Workout

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Athleisure Wardrobe

The ultimate athleisure wardrobe, TORY SPORT

If your New Year’s resolution was to get in shape, we have all the athleisure wardrobe inspiration you need to kick start a stylishly active lifestyle. So, whatever your exercise preference – alfresco workouts, gyms, or fitness studios – we’ve curated a capsule workout wardrobe which will ensure you’re finessing your fitness in style. 

The way we dress definitely affects the way we feel, and the clothes we wear can actually change the way we perform. So, follow our lead and make sure you put your best (dressed) foot forward for 2020…


We’re not entirely sure who is responsible for the trend that’s seeing tees and tanks ditched in favour of a sports bra, but as it’s showing no signs of waning, it’s time up your underwear game. From animal prints to fancy florals, and pops of colour – these work-out co-ords are anything but boring. And will ensure you look perfectly put-together whatever you do. 


This one item has earned its place as the comfiest in any wardrobe and they’ve actually been dubbed the sartorial equivalent to a hug – what’s not to love about that?! So, whether you’re lounging, heading for a workout or anything in between, it’s worth investing in a laidback, luxury hoodie. Fashion’s current obsession with street wear, means there’s plenty on offer, too. From supersized to cropped and zip-ups, here are the hoodies guaranteed to get you off the sofa.


The trainer market is so overwhelming right now. With sports brands crossing into fashion territory and fashion brands flexing their hand at athleisure – it can be hard to work out exactly which trainers are high performance, and which are better for running to Spinneys. Whether you’re a runner-in-training or intend on hitting Barry’s Bootcamp, we’ve rounded up the best trainers on the market to make sure your souls are supported every step of the way.

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  • Words by Elaine Lloyd-Jones