Travelgram: 5 Travel Bloggers That Will Make you Wanna Drop Everything and Go on Holiday

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Step into the world of extraordinary wanderers and storytellers, where each click of the camera and stroke of the keyboard unfolds a new adventure. Meet these remarkable individuals who have transformed their passion for travel into a way of life. From capturing the beauty of diverse landscapes to sharing tales of mishaps and triumphs on the road, these travel bloggers offer a glimpse into the art of exploration. A word of caution: Reading their stories may make you want to quit your job.

Joe Greer

This American athlete will not only captivate you with his keen eye for capturing emotive human moments and gorgeous landscapes, but his images are imbued with a peachy tone that will keep you scrolling.

Joe Greer’s Instagram

Tara Povey

It all started as a hobby, and before she knew it, she was being paid to travel the world. On her Instagram and blog, Tara Povey shares how to become a successful travel blogger and tells us her top three places to visit, along with some hilarious happenings from her previous travels. Don’t miss her colorful grid and super hilarious posts.

@Lepostcard by Stephanie Steinman

@Lepostcard by Stephanie Steinman

This Instagram account will properly give you holiday envy with its paradisiacal beaches and relaxed holiday shots. Whether it’s travel ideas or photography inspiration, you’ll find it all here. Stephanie also curates @stephaniesteinman and @leparadisbeauty for more visual delights.

Kirsten Alana

Kirsten, a former nomad turned New Yorker, and now an LA-based travel photographer and conscious storyteller, is a true visionary. Her passion lies in crafting captivating imagery that not only inspires but also drives her audience towards meaningful action. Kirsten’s work carries a profound commitment to social consciousness and environmental responsibility. Throughout her remarkable career, she has collaborated with renowned brands like Four Seasons, Ted Baker, and Travel + Leisure, leaving her creative footprint on every continent, with the exception of Antarctica.

Kirsten Alana’s Instagram

Andrew Evans

Andrew’s adventurous spirit has taken him everywhere from Polynesia to the Middle East, and even to Antarctica. Andrew is also a writer contributing to National Geographic, National Geographic Traveler, BBC Travel, Outside, The Chicago Tribune, and Reader’s Digest. He has authored five books, including two bestselling guidebooks and the award-winning memoir ‘The Black Penguin.’ His Instagram will captivate you with striking imagery showcasing wildlife, people from around the globe, and their diverse cultures.

Liz Carlson

Her inspiring journey is documented on her no-filter, vaguely chronological space filled with stories and misadventures from her travels over the years, sprinkled with musings about life. She describes herself as the cliché “ordinary girl on an extraordinary journey.” Her Instagram showcases her love for animals and breathtaking views. Before embarking on her adventures, she moved back in with her parents and worked non-stop for a year to save money, enabling her to quit her job and chase her nomadic dreams.

Daniel Noll and Audrey Scott

A husband-and-wife duo, Daniel Noll and Audrey Scott, have built a business around their passion for travel. They are not only avid adventurers but also professionals in tourism development, experienced world travelers, and skilled storytellers. Their primary goals revolve around fostering personal development, creativity, sustainability, and technology.

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