Missing Bali? This New Beachfront Restaurant In Dubai Could Be The Next Best Thing

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Koko Bay

Bringing Bali’s laid-back island vibe to Dubai, Koko Bay is the newest beachfront restaurant to land on the Arabian shores 

With Bali’s borders currently closed to tourists, we can only dream of the island’s bamboo surf-side lounges, where you could while away the hours sipping on fruity drinks and watching glorious sunsets over the Indian Ocean. But, with a new Bali-inspired beachfront hangout opening on Dubai’s Palm Jumeirah, this faraway fantasy has just landed our on our doorstep — well, almost. 

Infused with Bali’s bohemian aesthetic and tropical state of mind, Koko Bay channels the beaches of Seminyak and Canggu with its rustic wicker interiors, shabby-chic hammocks and giant blue-hued beanbags to sink into with a cocktail in hand.

Koko Bay

Koko Bay

Situated on The Palm’s newly finished spot, West Beach, the restaurant stretches out onto the sand, where you can relax, soak up the atmosphere with weekend DJ sets, take a dip into the waters and enjoy refreshing sundowners. The only difference from a Bali beach? Dubai’s high-rise skyline glittering in the background. 

Allowing you to go straight from the beach to dinner — with private beach access and facilities to change into your easy-breezy dinner dress — Koko Bay offers a menu of Far-Eastern flavours sprinkled with hint of European-influence. Ponder over dishes such as the signature curry laksa, the nasi goreng and the salmon teriyaki, followed by the dropped lemon tart or the flambéed white chocolate dome. The menu also includes lighter bites and salads to snack on beachside, with refreshing craft cocktails also served.

A new Dubai hangout to try (that is also dog-friendly), Koko Bay is a must for those of you missing summers spent unwinding in Indonesia.

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