Our Favourite Mother Daughter Duos of 2018

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In celebration of Mother’s Day, we take a look at our favourite mother daughter duos who are doing great things in 2018. These strong twosomes (or threesomes) are proof that there is nothing as powerful as a maternal bond.

The duchess of Cambridge might constantly be making headlines but it’s Queen Rania of Jordan who steals the spotlight in our region. One of the most stylish royals in the world, she is mother to Princesses Iman and Salma, two strong and independent young ladies who share their mother’s love for charity work and female empowerment.

Not only can she pass as her mother’s doppelgänger, but it looks like Cindy Crawford’s 16 year old daughter might be going for her title as well. Having walked the runway for the likes of Prada, Saint Laurent, Fendi, and Alexander Wang to name but a few, Kaia Gerber is following in her mum’s footsteps as the next “baby” supermodel.

For years Beyoncé has been showing girls how to “run the world”, but it seems that daughter Blue Ivy has an attitude all of her own. Who can forget her shushing Queen Bey at the 2018 Grammy Awards. Looks like this mini firecracker is definitely an independent lady in the making.

When your mother is Madonna, it’s only natural to make headlines since the day you were born. Yes Lourdes Leon, the Material Girl’s mini me, is just as beautiful and talented as her mother; the 21 year old has already published books, produced a fashion and beauty line, and can speak several languages.

With Dutch-American former model Yolanda as their mother and mentor, it comes as no surprise that Bella and Gigi Hadid would become fashion’s most in-demand models. Forging the same career as the star of “Making a Model With Yolanda Hadid”, the duo also inherited her fantastic style, turning the sidewalk into their runway becoming fixtures on the street style circuit.

They’re beautiful, smart and successful, Rita Kahawaty and daughter Jessica are the modern day mother daughter model that everyone should aspire to be.

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