Exhibition Of The Month: Only Life, Myriad Places By Sudarshan Shetty

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Still from A Song A Story (2017), Sudarshan Shetty

In his latest major solo exhibition, Sudarshan Shetty blurs life’s everyday boundaries with rarely seen videos, installations and sculptures

If there’s one exhibition to make time for this month, make it Only Life, Myriad Places at Ishara Art Foundation. Celebrating the global premiere of his latest film One Life Many, Sudarshan Shetty’s new solo exhibition is the first time he has displayed moving image works, presenting rarely seen videos, multimedia installations and sculptures that blur the boundaries between dreams and real life.


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“Each piece can be seen as a transient postulation in an overall experience of the show one may be left with,” Shetty tells MOJEH. “One Life Many, which was completed last year, is a collection of temporal contexts. As you move through the space of the gallery, you will see that the pieces are not necessarily displayed in the order of the timeline of their production, to possibly merit an overall experience over the linear, and the one that does not end in singular conclusion.”

Designed to explore the transient and ever-changing nature of things we encounter in our day-to-day lives, the thought-provoking exhibition captures the intricacies of our minds through moving images and elaborate mise en scenes, with viewers invited to contemplate whether the films are a depiction of someone’s dream, or if they are within the dream of the film’s characters.“I would like to see my work as a mediation between how I am conditioned to belong in a structure that is entirely dictated by the western canons and a life, as I see from where I belong, outside of it,” he concludes. Only Life, Myriad Places by Sudarshan Shetty will be on view until 9 December 2023 at Ishara Art Foundation, Alserkal Avenue, Dubai

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  • Words by Naomi Chadderton