The Middle East’s First-Ever teamLab Borderless Museum Opens In Jeddah

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teamLab, Dark Waves: Born in the Darkness, Return to the Darkness © teamLab

The AI-powered teamLab Borderless museum opens in Jeddah this month

Amidst the history-rich historic district of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, a hub of innovation has opened its doors. teamLab Borderless Jeddah is an interactive museum spanning 10,000 square meters and is brimming with over 80 AI-powered artworks; the museum provides an experience without boundaries, where artworks not only interact with visitors but with one another, forming one borderless world.

teamLab, Aerial Climbing through a Flock of Colored Birds © teamLab

This is the first-ever teamLab Borderless museum to launch in the Middle East and it has opened in spectacular fashion, setting its location at the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Jeddah Historic District on the shores of Alarbaeen Lagoon.

The museum is split into five exhibitions – Borderless World, Athletics Forest, Future Park, Forest of Lamps and En Tea House – that allow visitors to fully immerse themselves in the whimsical surroundings, experiencing and interacting with the artworks in various ways. Borderless World, for instance, is built for intentional up-close exploration, while Athletics Forest puts visitors through physically challenging tasks from hopping between kaleidoscopic spheres to navigating through exhibitions by stepping on moving planks.

teamLab, Rapidly Rotating Bouncing Spheres in the Caterpillar House © teamLab

teamLab Borderless is a collaborative initiative between art collective teamLab and the Saudi Ministry of Culture. Not only preserving and amplifying awareness around the historical significance of Jeddah Historic District, the museum is in-line with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 goals to strengthen Saudi Arabia’s contribution to arts and culture. teamLab Borderless Jeddah is open to visitors from 10 June. Book tickets

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