The No-Fuss Nail Trends You’ll See Everywhere This Winter

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Embrace the natural beauty era sweeping social media and bid farewell to talons in favour of shorter nail lengths lacquered in comforting neutrals. Here, MOJEH speaks to Mazz Hanna, celebrity nail artist and CEO of Nailing Hollywood, about the nail trends to know this season

Why are short nails taking over this autumn?

Short, natural-looking nails are a truly timeless look. The aesthetic complements any outfit and gives off a clean and understated vibe. They also tend to be easier to maintain since the new growth blends with the natural nail, making it less noticeable. Short nails are less prone to snagging and breakage which allows for effortless wear.

Social media is full of coffee-inspired manicures. Why are neutrals a go-to for autumn?

The coffee-inspired manicure trend is great for the fall since these tones typically trend during this time of year. It’s also extremely versatile for all skin tones considering that there are various shades to pick from – beige, taupe, brown, etc. You can easily customize this trend to match your personal nail shade preferences.

How do we elevate a neutral manicure?

You can elevate a neutral manicure by adding subtle details that make the overall look more interesting. You can opt for a matte topcoat, and delicate nail art, or experiment with French. I also think that having glowing skin is key to elevating any manicure – so be sure to keep your skin and cuticles hydrated. Two of my absolute favourite products for a neutral manicure are Dior Nail glow and Dior Crème Abricot. Apply the cream at night and you’ll wake up with the healthiest and most beautiful nails and cuticles.

People with short nails may assume nail art is reserved for longer lengths. Which designs look best on short nails?

Nail art can be beautiful on short nails as well. Delicate nail art designs look amazing on short nails – think small accents like tiny hearts, small flowers, stars, etc. Patterns such as checkered nails or animal print tend to look great on short nails as well. I also love a micro French mani on a super short nail.

How do you know which shape best suits your nails?

Nail shape has a lot to do with preference. Whatever makes you feel the most confident and comfortable best suits you. In general, almond or oval nails tend to elongate the silhouette of your fingers and square or squoval tend to create a balanced appearance overall.

What are your nail trend predictions for autumn?

Clean buff: Fall is the perfect time to give your nails a break from the bright colors of summer. A clean manicure with a natural buff is a great way to remove any staining and focus on the health of your nails before delving into the more dramatic nails of the holiday season.

Matte Brown: I love an earthy, almost terra cotta brown with a matte topcoat. It’s one of the more popular colors we are seeing this fall and the matte topcoat makes it feel warm and cozy.

Steel Gray: More than previous years, I think we are going to be seeing more deep metallic grey colors this fall. It’s a fun way to elevate your neutral nail game.

Manicures used to be a complement to an outfit but have now evolved into a means of self-expression. What do you think caused this shift?

I think social media, especially Instagram and Pinterest, played a huge part in highlighting unique nail art designs. It provided a way for nail artists to showcase their art while also being able to access endless inspiration from around the world. The visual nature of Instagram and Pinterest has inspired us to view our nails as a canvas for self-expression and creativity.

It has impacted the beauty industry in so many ways. Various brands now seek nail art collaborations from content creators to promote products and even services, trends are changing quickly than ever before, and we are seeing an increase in demand for nail art in salons and studios. Follow Mazz on Instagram here

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