Everything You Need To Recreate The Viral Latte Makeup Look

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Latte makeup is the latest beauty trend to take over social media. Here, MOJEH shares how to get the look

Glass skin, cloud skin, the clean girl aesthetic. There seems to be a new makeup trend to try every time we open TikTok, and now #beautytok is going gaga over latte makeup, an all-over-bronze look that replicates a back-from-holiday glow. Although latte makeup was already trending on TikTok thanks to creator Rachel Rigler, who replicated a look by makeup artist Tanielle Jai, Hailey Bieber sent the trend into the stratosphere by debuting her own take on Instagram. Sporting bronzed cheekbones, nude eyeshadow and glossy lips, she captioned the image “latte makeup.” #lattemakeup has now amassed over 225 million views on TikTok, with searches for tutorials up by 70%.

So, how is it achieved? Latte makeup utilises bronze, caramel and honey tones to create a monochrome look. The neutral hues not only make it easy for both beginners and makeup enthusiasts to master, but the colours complement multiple skin tones.

Apply a light base such as BB cream or tinted moisturiser to allow your skin to shine through followed by a matte bronzer under your cheekbones to contour, as well as across the forehead and side of the nose – wherever the sun would naturally hit. Layer an ever-so-slightly peach blush over the top (stay away from rosy blush for this particular trend) and add a swipe of highlighter if you are partial to a dewy finish. When it comes to eyeshadow – the main focus of latte makeup – opt for a palette with several nudes to use them as transition shades. Apply brown eyeliner onto the waterline before sweeping an espresso over the lids, highlighting the inner corners of your eye and brow bone with a champagne shimmer. The goal is to achieve a sultry, smoked-out shadow so be sure to blend, blend, and blend some more. Scroll through the gallery above for the products you need to get to look.

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