Beauty Expert Weighs In on the Dermatology Treatments Celebrities Swear By

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There’s never a wrong time to make small changes in your life, and taking care of your skin is a big part. According to the latest buzzword in beauty and wellness, “regeneration” is key in dermatology treatments not just anti-aging. But what does that even mean? Regeneration treatments, a cutting-edge trend, focus on reversing degeneration in the body’s tissues. This process results in not just glowing, but also healthier-looking skin as you age, a benefit that’s hard to resist.

Today, not just silver-screen stars but everyone seeking facial treatments and body sculpting want more than cosmetic enhancement; they also wish to look as natural as possible. 

Dr Yulia Krasnaya. Image courtesy of Evolution Aesthetics.

“Our clients are increasingly interested in natural-looking results and preventative measures to maintain their overall beauty and health,” says Dr Yulia Krasnaya, Medical Director at the Evolution Aesthetics Clinic in Dubai. This shift in focus reassures us that the beauty industry is moving towards safer and more effective dermatological treatments, a trend that we can all appreciate.

Dr Krasnaya explains that clients increasingly seek a holistic approach and avoid an unnatural or overfilled look. She says it’s about “enhancing their natural features rather than drastically altering their appearance.” She’s also noticed that clients are more aware of adding natural and effective products to their skincare routines and facial treatments.

Betting on Botox

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Image courtesy of Evolution Aesthetics.

One of the most burning questions on the list:

What’s the most popular beauty treatment?

Dr Krasnaya explains that Botox is still one of the most popular treatments for a reason. It provides quick and noticeable results, smoothing out wrinkles and creating a more youthful appearance. The fact that there’s no downtime and the results typically last for 3-5 months is a testament to its effectiveness. Moreover, Botox can be used for various facial concerns such as wrinkles, skin sagging, rosacea, acne, and hyperhidrosis, making it a versatile solution for many beauty needs.

Multiple Treatments for Total Body Wellness

What about the most popular body treatments?

RSL treatment. Image courtesy of Evolution Aesthetics.

Dr Krasnaya says it’s not a straightforward answer as the clinic offers many body treatments, and the ones that are right for you will depend on your particular needs.

She tells MOJEH, that the Endosphere and RSL therapy combined with the iYashi Dome are very popular. She explains that Endosphere and RSL therapy are designed to target cellulite and improve skin elasticity using the latest technology.

But How do they work? “These devices stimulate the body’s natural lymphatic system, helping to eliminate toxins and excess fluid, reducing dimples on the skin and allowing for a smoother, firmer silhouette,” she adds.

Dr Krasnaya says these two treatments are most commonly combined with iYashi Dome. It is an infrared capsule that provides a relaxing and therapeutic experience. It uses infrared technology to heat the body from the inside out, helping to detoxify the body, improve circulation, reduce muscle tension, and promote overall wellness.

Many people find that using an infrared dome can help relieve stress, improve sleep, and promote well-being. This combination is one of the most wanted among our patients, she explains.

Can you obtain the same results with home devices?

By ‘home devices’, we specifically refer to Ultrasound lipo cavitation machines. Dr. Krasnaya explains that these work by emitting low-frequency ultrasound waves to create a pressure wave in fat cells, breaking them down and releasing their contents. This process is known as cavitation, which liquifies fat cells to be metabolized and eliminated through the lymphatic system.

She believes that while consistency is the most important factor, “At-home versions may not be as powerful or effective as those used in professional settings, but can still yield some results if used consistently over time. She warns, however, At-home devices may not be as safe or have the same level of control as professional devices, which could potentially lead to unwanted side effects if not used properly.”

One common problem when seeking facial treatments pointed out by some specialists is a gaunt look that can result from radiofrequency or ultrasound treatments on the face if excessive fat loss occurs.

Image courtesy of Evolution Aesthetics.

Dr. Krasnaya emphasises the importance of first consulting with a qualified and experienced practitioner who can properly assess your individual needs and provide appropriate guidance on achieving the desired results without causing any unwanted side effects such as excessive fat loss. She adds, “considering alternative treatments or combination approaches that can help maintain a youthful and balanced appearance may be beneficial.”

But more importantly, she reinforces the importance of following any post-treatment protocols recommended by the practitioner to ensure the best possible outcomes and minimize the risk of a gaunt appearance.

There you have it! These are some of the top treatments of the moment, each reflecting the overarching theme of ‘regeneration’ and a commitment to enhancing natural processes. This balance of effective results with safety and control resonates with the subtlety and sustainability that are central to modern aesthetics. Whichever treatment you consider, navigating the complexities of cosmetic procedures demands a careful and informed approach. Do consult your physician or prefered medical profesional before considering any treatment.

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