Summer Fragrances

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We handpick the top 5 fragrances that best capture the essence of Eid. Both joyous, celebratory and all intoxicatingly genius.

By Dmitri Ruwan

The creation of a fragrance is a painstaking process; the art of communicating a message through its scent is an even longer one. When concocted effectively, these fragrances tell a story equivalent to ‘A 1000 and One Nights’, a compilation of carefully selected notes that build up to an explosion of aromatic possibilities. As we approach the end of Ramadan and begin to prepare for the joyous celebration of Eid also known as Eid al-Fitr, we’ve carefully curated our top 5 fragrance picks that seem to have been crafted with a true celebration of all things Arabesque. From the brilliant parasol pine in Versace Eros to the enigmatic infusion of date in Carolina Herrera Amber. It’s all here, and just in time for Eid.

Giorgio Armani Prive Ambre Eccentrico

Giorgio Armani is a visionary often looking to the Middle East/ West for his cultural influences. The Ambre Eccentrico fragrance is no exception, capturing the deeply mysterious aura of the desert with precious notes of patchouli, cinnamon and an all encompassing warm accord of amber.

Versace Eros

If its name wasn’t enough to persuade you (Eros is historically the Greek deity of love) then its fragrance definitely will be. A bright splash of pomegranate accords, the heart of lemon and an infusion of peony, wrapped in jasmine all with a base of sandalwood, ambrox and musk. Perhaps this was what Eros doused the lovers arrow in?

Carolina Herrera Amber Desire

Like many great things, Amber Desire took it’s inspiration from a classic. The base fragrance for this perfume was created at the turn of the 20th century and would become a part of classical oriental fragrance structures for years after. Infusing this deeply musky fragrance with a new found freshness via accords of labdanum, intoxicating date and rose absolute makes CH Amber Desire a powerful dream.

Roberto Cavalli Paradiso

Like its name, Paradiso evokes a sense of forgotten paradise. Strange serene islands, vividly coloured species of birds and above all the scent of strange fruits and blooms all evoking a deep sense of heightened delight. Notes of cypress, pink laurel, mandarin and citrus all entwine in this woody fragrance.

Yves saint Laurent Black Opium

A contemporary re-invention of the iconic opium fragrance. Whereas the original Opium dove deeper into the orient with notes like pepper, bergamot and cloves, Black Opium savours the notes of it’s predecessor while infusing a youthful burst of floral coffee bean. A sweeter intoxication.