Dr. Shotter’s Guide To Getting Your Lips Done

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Everybody’s doing it, but if you’re intrigued to plump up your pout, here are the top five points you should consider before investing in lip filler — courtesy of one of the best in the business, London-based Dr. Sophie Shotter. 

Find the right doctor: Think of it like getting into a relationship. You may want to date a few before picking the one you’re going to marry. Have a few consultations with different doctors. Make sure that the one you pick has the right qualifications, experience and ethos. You should feel like they really understand what you’re trying to achieve. Someone who has the right qualifications won’t feel threatened by you asking them about their experience or by asking to see before and after photos. 

Give yourself time: I always advise patients not to have lip fillers done within two weeks of a big event. Having said that, if you’re planning a wedding and came to see me a month beforehand to have your lips done for the first time I would say ‘no’. When you’re working towards such a big event it’s crucial to give yourself time to make sure you’re happy with your new smile and pout. 

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Be realistic about the cost: Good lips don’t come cheap, and some people may need several sessions over a few months to achieve their desired look. With the Juvederm Vycross range which I love for lips, I advise maintenance roughly every nine months. Again a good and ethical doctor will look at you, and if they don’t feel you need retreatment yet, then they won’t treat you. 

Don’t overdo it: You will really quickly get used to your new lips, and you may even wonder if the filler is even there anymore. Believe me, it will be. We see our faces every day, and our new pout soon becomes our new ‘norm’. Please don’t rush in to getting more filler, as that can be a very quick trap towards the overdone look. 

Filler doesn’t have to be forever: Most people love their new lips after filler, and maintain the results on a regular basis. Having said that if you decide to stop having fillers, they will just very gradually break down and return to your original shape and size. The one caveat I would say is, if people have been having excessive amounts of filler in their lips and distorted their lips dramatically, then they may never return to ‘normal’.

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