Couture Watch: Day 4 Beauty

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Backstage we’ve got our eye on the beauty trends emerging for the months ahead.   Insider tip: clear skin and plaits seem set to be the look of the season.

Franck Sorbier

At Franck Sorbier skin was clear whilst eyes had little but a sweep of mascara. Meanwhile lips showed a shock of pink, but this had nothing on the hair. Your mother may have described your locks as a bird’s nest when not brushed as a child, and this seems to have been Sorbier’s inspiration. Hair was elegantly swept around the head before culminating in a mass of backcombing, hairspray and the odd twig. Not a look to wear to the park.

Elie Saab

Elie Saab displayed his usual Middle Eastern elegance at yesterday’s show. Veronica Lake waves were pared with dramatic, kohl-rimmed eyes and subtle pastel shades were swept over the eyes. Fresh skin and coral coloured lips stopped the look from overpowering the couture and complimented his stunning designs. Exactly what we have come to expect from the Lebanese designer.

Bold eyes are pared with clear skin and coral lips at Elie Saab (Photo courtesy of GoRunway)

Bold eyes are pared with clear skin and coral lips at Elie Saab (Photo courtesy of GoRunway)

Jean Paul Gaultier

The most experimental of the couture shows, Jean Paul Gaultier overwhelmed us with a wide array of beauty looks. From the bride still in rollers to a beekeeper or a rock chick, each model showed off a different style. The one universal was that skin was kept clear, so up the skin care routine and you will pull off any beauty look.

Viktor & Rolf

Farmers got a glamorous makeover by Viktor & Rolf with straw hats added as the final touch. Hair was plaited off the face and models brought to mind an English rose with flushed cheeks as if they had spent the day in the fresh air of the fields. 


Valentino had us lusting over whimsical beauty. With a collection bringing Russian embroidery back, the beauty was left soft and romantic. An old-world plait, wrapped around the head and laced with flowers brought eloquence, whilst subtle make-up merely enhanced natural beauty.