Coffee Culture

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Queuing bleary-eyed for your morning cappuccino or picking up an espresso in between work meetings is now a daily occurrence for most. It’s easy to forget that a good quality brew was once regarded as exotic, carefully crafted using state-of-the-art technology that growled, howled and frothed with the splatter of milk and grinding of coffee.

Fast-forward to the present, and the United Arab Emirates has one of the most dynamic coffee cultures in the world. Passionate baristas from various countries have come together to form a bubbling melting pot of assorted influences. This, in addition to an increased availability of affordable technology, has resulted in a creative coffee experience like no other.

No longer limited to a choice of either milk or sugar, caffeine connoisseurs can now request almost anything. Do you prefer a Scandinavian-styled filter coffee, Italian caffè latte or a flat white with a light layer of foam? All are available, with regional enthusiasts taking an interest in the entire coffee process, from the sourcing of the bean to how long it’s been roasted. The journey from farm to cup is as important as the taste itself, in much the same was as we appreciate fine wine or Swiss chocolate.

The popularity of coffee was further cemented by the universal use of laptops and mobile devices, which freed many workers from their desk. After a tiring day browsing Mall of the Emirates, shoppers can wander into Tom & Serg for a long black brew or, alternatively, take a pit stop off Sheikh Zayed Road to sample the Roseleaf Café’s speciality roasts. Emirati entrepreneur Ibrahim Al Mallouhi runs the extremely quirky Espresso Lab in Jumeirah 1, while the Brew Café on Jumeriah Beach Road is an independent coffee house that’s constantly humming with eager patrons.

Meanwhile, for artisan coffee at home, the De’Longhi’s Prima Donna Exclusive Coffee Machine offers a authentic and great tasting cup. The number one premium Italian coffee machine brand, De’Longhi is particularly popular because of the machine’s ability to vary the strength of the coffee, as well as its success in balancing the creamy froth, dense texture and optimal temperature, so that you’re able to enjoy your mid-morning or post-dinner treat right until the very last drop.

The De’Longhi’s Prima Donna Exclusive coffee machine offers authentic and great tasting coffee

The De’Longhi’s Prima Donna Exclusive coffee machine offers authentic and great tasting coffee