This World-Famous Café Just Opened In Dubai

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Image courtesy of Bacha Coffee

Hailing from palatial origins in Morocco, Bacha Coffee has finally arrived in Dubai

You never forget a really, really great cup of coffee. The scent of the gently roasted beans, the full-bodied flavour, the ambiance, every moment is locked in memories. Add a century-old story into the mix and you’ve got yourself an experience you’ll be recommending to friends, family and, well, anyone who will listen. Such an experience can be found at Bacha Coffee, the ultra-luxurious coffee concept that has just landed in Dubai Mall’s equally swish Fashion Avenue.

Image courtesy of Bacha Coffee

As the story goes, visitors from near and far would descend upon the spectacular Dar el Bacha palace in Marrakech, Morocco to gather, discuss world-changing policies and catch-up over golden pots of Arabica coffee; Charlie Chaplin, Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill were some that enjoyed the glorious cups amidst mosaic-splashed walls and intricate wood-carved ceilings. Dar el Bacha closed during the second world war, retaining the glamour within until the palace’s reopening in 2017 as the Museum of Cultural Confluences.

Nestled within the museum is what is now known as Bacha Coffee, the original coffee space which has been reinvigorated for the modern traveller while retaining the property’s history. Those travellers, as it happens, spread the word across the world and now, over a century later, the luxurious café can be found in eight cities including Singapore, Paris and Hong Kong.

Image courtesy of Bacha Coffee

So, what sets Bacha Coffee apart? It utilises only fresh, hand-selected beans that swap the usual shock-roasting methods for slower methods at lower temperatures so not to compromise the flavour of any of the 200 coffees on offer. Bacha Coffee offers only 100 per cent Arabica coffees in single-origin, multi-origin, flavoured and decaffeinated iterations, providing plenty for every kind of coffee drinker. Traditional? Go for the single-origin harvests, best enjoyed black. Feeling fancy? Opt for a flavoured sip, from the signature 1910 brew with gentle strawberry notes to Milano Mornings which wakes you up with notes of dark chocolate. Even the so-called coffee drinkers that prefer their beverages topped with cream – Bacha Coffee provides chantilly cream instead of milk – with various swirls of flavouring and reminiscent of trending TikTok concoctions will happily swap their go-to for a deeper, more meaningful brew after a visit.

Image courtesy of Bacha Coffee

There is also a menu of easy-to-eat delights available, including sandwiches and sweet treats. Pro tip: don’t miss the adorable croissant selection box. Not only ideal for in-cafe diners, Bacha has plenty of merchandise for gifting (or keeping for yourself), from coffee and artisanal honey to crockery and mind-boggling hampers. Learn more

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  • Words by Savanna Smith