Slugging Is The Skincare Secret That’ll Cure Dry Skin

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Photographed by Fouad Tadros for MOJEH 87

Slugging – the process of lathering yourself in vaseline – is the skincare practice taking social media by storm

Social media catapults skincare trends into the stratosphere thanks to millions of beauty enthusiasts eager to try the latest and greatest (and, sometimes, not-so-great) viral trends in a quest to achieve perfection, whatever that may be. The birthplace of some of the most popular skincare trends is South Korea, whose innovation and imagination landed K-Beauty products on shelves and in bedrooms worldwide; the ten-step routine, skipcare and sheet masks all originate from the region. The latest K-Beauty trend to take the internet by storm? Slugging.

Photographed by Mann for MOJEH 80

South Korean skinfluencers swear by slugging to lock in moisture, slathering themselves in vaseline and thick formulas to combat winter dryness, prevent trans epidermal water loss and replenish lipids in the skin’s outermost layer. Mostly used on the face – though suitable for anywhere on the body where dry patches arise – the product is applied before bedtime in the hopes that morning will bring deeply moisturised skin. To get started, you’ll need a petroleum-based ointment like Vaseline, Aquaphor Healing Ointment, CeraVe’s Healing Ointment or the La Roche-Posay Lipikar Lipid-Replenishing Body Milk. Apply a thin layer overtop a hydrating serum to seal in its benefits or at the end of your regular skincare routine. Slugging works best on those with dry, irritated or eczema-prone skin and should be avoided if you suffer from oily or combination skin as occlusive ingredients can potentially cause build-up and break-outs. In addition, skip retinols and acids if you’re giving slugging a go as they’ll cause the very irritation you are trying to prevent.

Photographed by Sylvia Szyplik

Vaseline has been used as a fix-all for generations, loved by families for everything from dry skin and chapped lips to rashes, burns and scrapes. Marilyn Monroe even swore by it, lathering herself in the stuff before taking a bath to achieve baby-soft skin. Some may find applying it on the face a tad too greasy but, if you don’t mind resembling a glazed donut, your skin may thank you for it.

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