Fresh From The Desert: MOJEH Investigates The Beauty Benefits Of Camel Milk

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Deemed the “new thing in skincare”, camel milk has been used for centuries in the Middle East as a way to maintain good health and give the skin a healthy glow. Rich in natural AHAs, camel milk can help exfoliate dead skin cells, while also moisturising thanks to a combination of carotene, iron and B vitamins. spoke to Dave Esmonde-White from the Dubai-based The Camel Soap Factory to get the inside scoop on this miracle ingredient.

What are the beauty benefits of camel milk?

Although most published research on camel milk concentrates on its nutritional value, we are starting to see the inclusion of the benefits for skincare. What is well documented is the remarkable composition of it, which shows that it’s rich in Alpha-Hydroxy Acids (AHA), vitamins, minerals, and anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory immune proteins. It also helps to nourish the skin naturally and complement the skin’s own natural immunity.

How is camel milk incorporated into your skincare products?

We incorporate it into all of the products offered by The Camel Soap Factory. Unlike many skincare manufactures who are starting to use it, we use fresh, pasteurised milk direct from the dairy. Depending on the product, we typically use it in the range of 25-30% by volume of oils.

The Camel Soap Factory Natural Camel-Milk Castile Soap @yourockdubai

Where do you source your camel-milk?

We source our camel milk locally, from Al Ain Dairy, who have a camel farm and dairy in Al Ain.

Why do you think camel-milk has suddenly become so popular, particularly within the health and beauty industry?

We hope that The Camel Soap Factory has had some influence in this popularity, especially locally. But the use of milk in skincare products is a long-held tradition for very good reason. The enzymes, proteins, mineral and vitamins in milk help to moisturise, repair, soothe and even the tone of skin. With the rise of camel-milk dairies it has become easier access to this milk, and given its remarkable composition, it is no surprise that camel-milk is fast becoming a popular active ingredient.

Camels in the desert @camelsoapfactory

Can all skin types use camel milk based products?

In the eight years of providing it based skincare products to the local and international markets, as well as the many tests that we have run with our army of product testers, we have not experienced any sensitivity or complaints. Camel-milk is considered to be the closest animal milk to human mother’s milk and does not contain any of the allergens that typically cause sensitivity in humans. The literature showsit to be a safe and easily tolerated alternate to cow’s milk.

How has history played a part in today’s use of camel milk?

It has long been rumoured that the milk baths that Cleopatra is famed for taking was in fact camel milk, but we take this story with a pinch of salt. Historically, documented reports of the use of camel-milk for skincare are scarce, but the use of camel tallow combined with milk for moisturising and protection of the skin is well known.

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