MOJEH Spa Edit: Dead Sea Journey, Saray Spa Dubai

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Treatments inspired by the ancient beauty rituals of Cleopatra and the Queen of Sheba. What could be better than that?

Space, is quite possibly the Saray Spa Dubai’s biggest luxury. It’s situated in Downtown Dubai’s JW Marriott Marquis’ east side, sprawling out across an entire floor. Upon entering, the reception is grand, and its facilities even grandeur, (including a large jacuzzi and relaxation suite). Probably why Saray is able to boast its very own dead sea private floatation pool. Tempting? We thought so.

The Saray Spa boasts a private floatation pool utilising salts and minerals from Jordan’s Dead Sea

Legend has it that both the Queen of Sheba and Cleopatra, (known as ‘the women who time could not wither’), created their own spas along the banks of Jordan’s Dead Sea. Inspired by their unwavering beauty, Saray’s private pool is an elixir of therapeutic salt minerals rich in high levels of calcium, magnesium, bromide, potassium and sulfate. Each said to promote better skin, muscle and joint quality. But 20 minutes relaxation in the pool is just one element of the two hour Dead Sea Journey…

The signature journey starts with an energising scrub using Dead Sea salts. It may not be the most comfortable part of the ritual, (the therapist will scrub away dead skin from head to toe), but it’s a must whether or not you’re diligent with at-home exfoliation. Next up is the full body mask using mud from the shores of the Dead Sea. The scent of algae is melded with rose water in a surprisingly relaxing remedy. You’ll remain cocooned in plastic wrap while skin absorbs the mud’s natural minerals. After a quick rinse in the treatment room’s private shower, it’s time for the floatation pool, surrounded by crystals, candles and soothing music. Relax, unwind and float, secure in the knowledge that salts and minerals worthy of Cleopatra’s beauty regime are being absorbed by your own muscles.

Relax mid journey with a dip in the floatation pool, surrounded by crystals, candles and soothing music

The journey ends with a nourishing body oil massage. If you’re visiting Saray in the morning, opt for the stimulating black seed and citrus oil. But if, like us, you’re there to unwind after a week of work, then the soothing rose oil is your go-to. Follow with a relaxing tea in the relaxation area and you’ll be more than ready for a great night’s rest.

MOJEH Must: To gain the most from the Dead Sea Journey, prep your body by spending 10-15 minutes in both the steam room and sauna beforehand. The heat will help dislodge toxins before the ritual begins.

The Saray Spa, The JW Marriott Marquis, Downtown Dubai, +971 4 414 6754

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