Treat Yourself To Dubai’s Most Luxurious Pedicure

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He’s the world’s most famous podiatrist, dubbed the “foot virtuoso” he treats models and celebrities and has made the ugly job of cleaning feet a luxurious art form. Bastien Gonzalez has undoubtedly transformed the world of footcare and, lucky for us, three out of 12 of his salons are in Dubai.

Spending Dhs755 on a mani-pedi when we have an abundance of salons that offer the same for a fraction of the price might sound extravagant, but as Bastien’s loyal fanbase knows, it’s money well spent when feet are on display as much as ours. So what makes his treatments so special? Every member of his team is trained in his treatment protocols ensuring clients receive the very best quality care, using specially designed tools to tackle every type of issue with the bonus of a massage add-on – in a nutshell, his team offer medical grade treatment for hands and feet in a spa environment.

Laura Grosbois is the studio manager of the PEDI:MANI:CURE STUDIOS by Bastien Gonzalez at ShuiQi Spa at Atlantis The Palm – a trained podiatrist, she treats every type of foot condition in her Dubai clients.

“A main issue I have noticed is the damage done to the toenails. The nail plate is often marred by having nail polish on for too long, which causes it to become yellowish or completely dry; showing white mark or weakness,” she says.

In just one session Laura transforms feet using electric tools, akin to those seen at the dentist, to remove dryness and dead skin. “We use a drill machine to remove the damaged layer of the nail, then we buff with a chamois leather and nail brightness buffing cream made with mother-of-pearl. This technique actually comes from the great-grandmother of Bastien Gonzalez, it restores the natural beauty of the nail and also improves its quality by stimulation of the blood circulation.”

And rather than covering nails in the season’s brightest shade, post-Bastien nails are left naked for they are so unbelievably buffed and shiny, a result that literally lasts weeks (two weeks later and mine are still shining), you will want to show them off. Recommended only once every two months if nails are in good condition, the price is well worth the investment.

Bastien’s Duo Treatment, Dhs755, ShuiQi Spa, Atlantis The Palm, Dubai, +971 4 426 1020