Back to School Beauty: Post-Summer Hair Re-Haul

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When it comes to hair, summer stands for salty tresses, swimming, sun exposure and a hearty dose of highlights. While we welcome this dynamic with open arms, it’s always refreshing and relieving to start afresh when it comes to the new season. From trending cuts and colours to natural maintenance tips and an education in dealing with the elements, as September falls into our sights we speak to Anjela Kasper Nova, senior hairstylist and specialist in hair treatment and hair extensions at LaLoge, The Address Boulevard to discover everything your hair needs to prosper and grow for the season ahead. 

Post-summer hair salvation.

I often have ladies walking into the salon during the summer season, suffering damaged and dried-out hair. People are returning from their summer vacations now, which were generally spent on beaches exposing their hair to sun, sand, saltwater and other extreme situations. First of all never leave the house with wet hair without applying a sun protecting serum, when washing the hair opt for a sun protection shampoo to lessen damage from sun exposure and when looking to colour ask your stylist to use a hair toner to revive the hair and give it a natural, glossy look.

Finally, I recommend LaLoge’s organic silk hair treatment to be used bi-weekly and for protection clip-in extensions are a great way to give the hair a break from excessive styling during the summer months.

Trending for autumn/winter18.

It’s important to note that the hair colour and cut depend upon the individual and their preferences, trends might not necessarily suit everyone. This autumn/winter the biggest hair trends will be long lengths accompanied by shining colours, such as beige, caramel and chocolate brown to name a few.

An easy update.

An oil-based Hollywood toner/gloss keeps the hair shiny and lively, especially during summer. It also makes my life as a stylist a whole lot easier since LaLoge combine each colour with its own toner or gloss.

The best natural hair hacks.

Massage your scalp regularly when showering, this will help with blood circulation and maintaining strong roots. There’s many natural products you can use to maintain great hair including coconut oil for softening the hair, lemon to add shine and milk to soothe an irritated the scalp.