Stylish Solutions For Dried Out Lips

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Gone are the days of lugging around a surplus of beauty balms, lipsticks and glosses in order to keep our pouts in perfect shape. Instead today’s wisest buys are dual effect offering both colour and moisture from Clarins Joli Rouge moisture-rich formula delivering a satin sheen finish, to Dolce and Gabbana’s Passion Duo whose core holds skin-conditioning treatments. During summer’s intense heat – likely to cause dry and cracked pouts – turn towards Rouge Dior Baume, offered in 19 shades of sumptuous hues and 10 times richer than most formulas due to its crystal oil. Boutique brands Laura Mercier and Chantecaille are also worthy beauty counter picks with the former offering a semi-matte, hydrating and anti-ageing formula, and the latter using luminous oils, all in the name of colour rich, moisture rich lips.