Designer Watch: Anine Bing

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Anine Bing, Danish model-turned-musician-turned-designer, has enjoyed a prosperous career since launching her namesake label five years ago. “The journey I’ve been on for the last five years has been incredible,” says Bing in an interview with MOJEH. “It’s been so much hard work but it’s really paid off. One of the biggest moments so far was the opening of our first store in Los Angeles. I remember being so proud of having a physical store where women could come and touch the products and experience the brand in a physical space.”

Already a well-known model and singer in Denmark and Sweden, Bing now boasts additional spaces in New York, Antwerp, Paris, London, Barcelona, Madrid and Berlin. Her label is also sold in more than 300 boutiques worldwide.

Bing wears lace sweatshirt and vintage wash jeans from Anine Bing Photographed
Bing wears lace sweatshirt and vintage wash jeans from Anine Bing. Photographed by William Callan

Inspired by a fusion of Scandinavian heritage and American spirit, Anine Bing offers luxurious wardrobe staples and statement pieces that are both current and timeless. “It’s a balance between a rock ‘n’ roll and a bohemian vibe; a mix of Scandinavian simplicity and American cool. I love to mix leather, silk and linen. Denim is also a very important part of our aesthetic.”

Pursuing a career in design was predestined for Bing. ““Fashion has been a part of my life, since I was 15-years-old and started modelling. I’ve seen most sides of the industry and it was such great experience in many ways. I’ve always dreamt about having my own clothing brand and in 2012 I decided to take a leap of faith and launch Anine Bing.”

Bing wears vintage Bing tee white jeans and Elly pumps in red suede from Anine
Bing wears vintage Bing tee, white jeans and Elly pumps in red suede from Anine Bing. Photographed by William Callan

None of which would have been possible, she reveals, without the support of her husband, with whom she shares two children. “He is the most hardworking man I have ever met,” she gushes. “He inspired me daily to become a better person and try harder.”

While Bing admits that her wedding ring is her most treasured position, her clothes and accessories have already attracted a strong celebrity following. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner are among the starlets that have been snapped in Bing's wares. “I get so inspired by all the women who wear my clothes,” she tells MOJEH. “There’s nothing better than seeing women all over the world styling my designs so differently. I’m still hoping I’ll be able to see Kate Moss wearing one of my pieces one day. After all, she’s my generation’s biggest style icon in so many ways.”