Wallace Chan Announces First New York Exhibit

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As the first and only Chinese jewellery artist ever invited to exhibit at The European Fine Art Foundation (TEFAF) in New York, Wallace Chan will showcase his fantastical creations alongside 93 strictly selected leading art connoisseurs later this month.

The Hong Kong jeweller is known for his expert craftsmanship. Although he grew up in extreme poverty, Chan designs some of the most expensive jewellery in the world. He has worked with his hands since he was eight-years-old and has long since experimented with technology; sculpting some of the industry’s most whimsical and extraordinary pieces.

Whether you prefer a pair of dangling dancing elf earrings and a rainbow-coloured lark or mother-of-pearl butterflies and glittering translucent fish, Chan’s interest in precious stones has enabled him to break through the glass ceiling.

“I am presenting 40 jewellery pieces and a 2.2-metre Rise of Heart titanium-gemstone sculpture,” says Chan of his upcoming exhibition. “From the doorknob to the displays and showcases, I am creating a space that offers my audience a unique experience embodying the essence of my creations – my admiration for the universe. I am looking very much forward to my first-time exhibition in New York.”

Wallace Chan’s exhibit at New York TEFAF’s will be held at Park Avenue Armory from 21st to 25th October

  • Words by: Annie Darling
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