Summer Travel with Latifa Al Gurg

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Emirati-Danish designer Latifa Al Gurg, founder of the fashion brand Twisted Roots, is deeply inspired by travel, having visited various cities across the entire globe. Her contemporary womenswear label is inspired by this insatiable wanderlust, with each piece meticulously handmade in an intimate studio and showroom space in Al Quoz, Dubai. Here, she tells MOJEH about her design process and travel plans.

How has your mixed heritage influenced your design aesthetic?

Both heritages have greatly influenced my perspective on fashion and design. My Scandinavian heritage has taught me an appreciation for minimal silhouettes and layering, while my Emirati heritage has taught me about the love of textiles and the finer details that make all the difference.

How does travel influence fashion design?

Travel completely influences my collections. Every season is inspired by a city or country. I love discovering new cultures and places. It always inspires me to express some aspect of these places in my designs.

What are your travel plans for the summer?

I’ve just come back from London where we launched our ‘Savannah’ collection at Fenwick on Bond Street, so our summer this year was both an amazing work opportunity as well as a bit of a break.

What’s your favourite summer holiday destination?

There are so many. It’s so hard to choose. Of course, I always love going back to Denmark because it reminds of the summers of my childhood, but I also love discovering new places. One of my favorite recent destinations was Spain. We had an amazing time, starting in Barcelona and then touring all of Andalucía.

What’s your favourite hotel in Cordoba?

We stayed at this beautiful hotel called Hotel Hospes Palacio del Bailio. It’s a beautiful old manor that has a glass floor in the central courtyard where you find the remains of an ancient Roman villa. The hotel is a story across the centuries. It’s beautiful.

What’s your favourite restaurant in Cordoba?

During that same trip, we visited the Dali Museum in Girona and we had the most amazing ice cream at Rocambolesc. It’s a small place, but the whole vibe makes you feel like a kid in a candy store. I especially loved the panet stuffed with baked apple ice cream, dulce de leche and shortbread.

What are your five must-haves when travelling?

  • A notebook with a plan of what I’d like to do and see.
  • At least one vest (waistcoat). Perfect for layering over a basic Tee for a casual look or a simple silk blouse for the evening.
  • Whatever I’m reading at the moment.
  • My travel steamer. It’s become one of my essentials over the last couple of years.
  • A pair of Converse sneakers. They’re my go-to travel shoes.
The 'Savannah’ collection by Twisted Roots
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