Turkish Delight: A Look Inside Sevan Biçakçi’s Extravagant World Of Watchmaking

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Sonsuzluk (Infinity) watch of gold, silver and diamonds. Photo by Kemal Olça.

The designer’s one-of-a-kind timepieces are showcased in a new coffee table book

Long before his jewels became sought-after by the world’s most discerning and sophisticated collectors, Turkish-Armenian jewellery designer Sevan Biçakçi toiled at workshops in Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar, where he earned a reputation as the local “problem solver.”

Kartal Yuvası (Eagle’s Nest) watch of gold, silver and diamonds. Photo by Kemal Olça.

Now, in a study and celebration of the essence of time itself, Biçakçi has explored the Ottoman tradition of timekeeping and clock making, which he discovered through an exhibition of timepieces at the world-famous Topkapi Palace Museum. For nine years, Sevan channeled his imagination to create a collection of dramatic jewels that not
 only tell the time, but also recount the story of time, fusing the rational and the emotional.

Istanbulite watch of gold, silver, diamonds, sapphire glass with reverse-engraved intaglio of seagulls and leather strap. Photo by Kemal Olça.

Written by Vivienne Becker and published by Assouline, Sevan Bicakci: The Timekeeper showcases the designer’s evolving collection of timepieces, as well as the artistic refinement and technical expertise he brought to the centuries-old craft of watchmaking and the allure of his original jewellery.

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