MKS Jewellery’s New Collection Promises The Moon And The Stars

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For MKS Jewellery’s latest line, HRH Sheikha Mariam draws inspiration from the midnight sky and reimagines the many phases of the moon 

If you’re lucky enough to have star gazed in the Arabian desert, when the sky is clear and the air is cool, you’ll remember the magic and wonder of the glittering dots surrounding the big, bright moon. With mother of pearl pendants and tiny crescent charms, UAE-based jewellery brand MKS captures this alluring night sky in its latest series, New Moon. 

“The moon is our calendar in the sky, universally representing the rhythm of time, which our forefathers relied on,” says founder of MKS Jewellery, HRH Sheikha Mariam. Part of the Sea Signs collection, the new jewellery pieces serve as a symbol of navigation, as HRH Sheikha Mariam reveals: “the message is to follow your heart and trust for the stars to align.”

new moon

MKS’s New Moon line is comprised of nineteen pieces to add to the jewellery vault. From dainty bracelets that can be layered, to rings and earrings adorned in pearly orbs and studded with miniature moons and stars, and pretty necklaces decorated in the jewels of the sky.

Rich in celestial symbolism, each piece embraces the constant that is change, reflecting the varying phases of the moon and the mind. “The New Moon adds a beautiful layer – trust the constant change of what is going to happen,” says HRH Sheikha Mariam. “Just like the moon, I go through phases too.”

new moon

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