This Jewellery House Is Keeping An Ancient Art Form Alive

4 Photos
Photography by Simon Penochet | Creative direction by Agathe Philippart

Feast your eyes on Roman jeweller Le Sibille’s collection of hand-made trinkets

If your jewellery box is bursting with history-filled conversation starters, Le Sibille is a House you need on your radar. The Roman jeweller crafts delicate, one-of-a-kind creations with a 2000-year-old micromosaic technique. The near-extinct art form spans eras from Roman to Renaissance; most recognisably used in The Vatican, artists preserved deteriorating frescos by covering them with precious tiles. Fast forward to 1990 and an all-female team founded Le Sibille, and has continued to champion the craft ever since. The House pioneered a three-dimensional approach to micro-mosaicking, handcrafting each piece in Rome and adorning them in enamel, pearls, precious and semi-precious stones. Explore some of Le Sibille’s creations in the gallery above and on their website here

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