Hailey Bieber On Trinkets, Traditions and Tiffany & Co.

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At once bold and beautiful, Tiffany T is a diamond-drenched symbol of strength. Hailey Bieber speaks exclusively to MOJEH to spill the T on Tiffany & Co.’s latest collection

MOJEH: What was it like to shoot your Tiffany T campaign? How does it feel to be the face of such an iconic brand?

Hailey Bieber: Shooting the recent campaign was amazing. I love working with the Tiffany team. It’s always been a dream of mine to be associated with the brand and I’m so grateful to be the face of Tiffany T.

M: What do you like most about the Tiffany T collection and how do you wear and style the pieces?

HB: What I love most about the collection is that you can dress it up or wear it as everyday jewellery. I love layering the pieces and mixing and matching.


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M: Are you more of a rose, yellow or white gold person?

HB: I am definitely a yellow gold girl.

M: Jewellery is a very personal thing. What was your very first memory of Tiffany & Co. or its jewellery?

HB: My very first memory was seeing my older sister receive her first piece of Tiffany jewellery for her 16th birthday. I remember thinking what a big deal it was that she got Tiffany!

M: Tiffany T embodies unwavering strength and the strongest connection of all, the one with ourselves. What does that mean to you?

HB: To me, I believe admitting when we aren’t strong is how we find strength. Being vulnerable and able to admit when we aren’t okay is a strength and that’s something I’m working on in my life.

M: What do you think of the Tiffany T collection?

HB: I love it — it’s perfectly wearable yet super chic.

M: How do you feel when you put on a truly beautiful piece of jewellery?

HB: When I put on a beautiful piece of jewellery I feel strong and beautiful!

M: Who would you most want to have breakfast at Tiffany’s with? What would you order?

HB: I would love to have breakfast at Tiffany’s with Oprah and I would order everything.

M: Who or what has made you feel empowered recently?

HB: Love makes me feel the most empowered. Love from family and love from my friends.

M: Who are some of the women that you admire in your life?

HB: I definitely admire my mum, her gentleness and her strength. And I admire her mum, my grandma.

M: What’s the best advice you’ve received about staying true to yourself?

HB: The best advice I received would be, always be myself because people are drawn to me for who I am, not for anybody I try to be. That’s always stuck with me.

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