In The Jewellery Box: Yeprem

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MOJEH’s jewellery brand of choice for the month of May is Lebanon-based Yeprem. Founder and designer Yeprem Chakardemian shares with us his stories from behind the brand. 

By Charlotte Codd

Tell us about Yeprem. How did you become involved?

Yeprem’s story goes back over 50 years. My mother bestowed me with a golden bracelet, with the intention of providing my family and me a brighter future. I remoulded my inheritance into a pristine ornament and caught a glimpse of my destiny: creating luxurious jewellery by using the female body as a shrine. 

Who is the Yeprem woman, why does she come to you?

The products are a blend of creativity and refinement, which aim at enriching the individual expression of influential women all over the world. Our ideal woman is self-confident, daring yet elegant. By offering intricate jewelry pieces at the very top, Yeprem’s creations are a woman’s lifetime companion evoking at once her vibrant personality and feminine sensuality.

Your sons have joined the design team. In what ways does the family culture factor into the business? 

I always had a vision for distinctive jewellery. The business revolutionized when the second generation joined and Yeprem’s designs took on an even more creative turn and became a trendsetter.

As one of only a handful of Middle Eastern jewellery brands, how do you draw from Yeprem’s home country of Lebanon when designing? 

Our philosophy is to create jewellery that is a blend of elegance and modernism. As such we are able to create pieces which can be worn upon several occasions and suited to different cultures and styles.

How would you describe your brand?

Innovation, revolutionary, unique, meticulous craftsmanship and elegant. These are five characteristics that allowed us to stand out of the crowd and succeed.

What changes did you want to make to fine jewellery? 

Growing up, my motto in life has always been “be the change you want to see in the world”. Which is why when my children joined the business we revolutionised jewellery by creating innovative designs that were elegant yet artistic to set new trends.  

Yeprem’s jewellery pieces are often intricate – how do you create these designs and what inspires them? 

Inspiration comes from everywhere; the build up of emotions, from our dreams and the natural beauty that surrounds us.

Stars such as Jennifer Lopez and Rihanna have been seen in your pieces – why are these relationships important to you?

I’ve come across stars who love to show the shiny diamonds on their ears, hands and necks and I’ve come across stars who like discreet elegance when it comes to jewellery. But no matter what, I’ve realised that all of the above always chose Yeprem as a jewel of choice. 

You mainly work with diamonds and white gold – what is it about this combination that attracts you?

Our work is fashioned from high quality Marquise-cut diamonds and white gold which reflect the diamonds better and looks more glamorous. Upon occasions we mix pink gold for an elegant day look.

Where do you source your diamonds?