Your New Season Workwear Edit Champions Denim And Dishevelment. And Why Not?

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MOJEH makes a case for denim and dishelvement as perfectly respectful office attire. View the new season workwear edit photoshoot

Klara wears: Knitted body, Althea Nucci; Suit jacket, Virginia Abate; Trousers, Boboutic

Gone are the days of two-piece suits, head-to-toe black and stuffy connotations of workwear attire. Unless your HR book demands strict codes, we are all for displays of individuality – all day, every day. Kick start Sunday with retro inspired silver boots and then dabble in ripped jeans. But add some sense of conformity through structured knitwear. New name Althea Nucci offers contemporary, statement making designs.

Gabriella wears: Jumper, Althea Nucci; Denim, vintage Replay; Tights and earrings, stylist’s own; Boots, Vic Matié

Corduroy’s make their come-back, (who’d have thought it?). But only when fashioned in fresh ways. Think deconstructed styles with unexpected volume. Pair with classics, such as a Maison Margiela white shirt. Make-up remains clean for a nonchalant approach. The most important part? Attitude. These are, “I woke up like this,” looks for women who deem function and individuality with as much importance as resume. Be bold, be daring and most importantly, be yourself.

Alise wears: Shirt, vintage Margiela; Body, Fantamarios; Trousers Giovanni Costa

Photographed by Gautier Pellegrin | Styled by Veronica Panati | Make-up artist: Giorgia Savaglio | Hair stylist: Matteo Bartolini | models: Alise, Klara and Lulu at Monster, Gabriela and Sarah at Elite, and Marina at Fashion | With special thanks to the 2018 design graduates of IED school of styling, Milan

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