This Week The Dubai Weather Calls For Lessons In Layering

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Taken aback by the fluctuating climes in Dubai? Just one more excuse to show-off your ever expanding wardrobe… Here’s how to layer this week

Ever considered the turtleneck as a viable styling choice, even in the desert heat? Pay attention to your fabric choice and it may well be. Think thin cottons and rich, earth tones. While friends in Europe might be donning their cashmeres underneath heavy-duty trenches, just a few tweaks and the same ideology is yours for the taking. For layering – short sleeves and iridescent fabrics are right for dewy mornings and cooler evenings.

Shirt-jacket, Bershka | Jumper, Zara | Photographed by Amilcar Lusinchi

Darker hues and thicker fabrics can still be enjoyed, but take a hard meets soft approach. Here, model Amei wears a vinyl trench but teamed with a free-flowing skirt. Legs remain bear, (even the smallest flash of skin can soften a look). When the mid-day sun makes its appearance, remove a layer.
Beauty tip: keep hair pulled back and skin clean and fresh in a nod towards the sunshine hours, (when it makes its way out).

Trench coat, Galvan | Shirt, Bershka | Skirt, Escorpion | Boots, Alfredo Martinez | Photographed by Amilcar Lusinchi

For those who refuse to indulge in outerwear in the desert – even when the skies open – the same rules in layering can apply to tops and T-shirts. Take inspiration from the below double-up featuring a floral print Isabel Marant shirt, half covered by a darker, embellished top.

Shirt, Isabel Marant | Top, Escorpion | Photographed by Amilcar Lusinchi

Photographer: Amilcar Lusinchi | Stylist: Alex Montoya | Hair and make-up artist: Ruth Guerrero and Elena Perez | Models: Felice Fleur, Greta Rolli and Amei Pec

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