How The Giving Movement Became A Force In Sustainable Streetwear

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Local streetwear brand The Giving Movement utilises sustainable fabrics from natural resources such as bamboo and recycled water bottles.

Sustainable and streetwear continue to be two of the biggest buzzwords in the fashion industry for 2021, and Dubai-based The Giving Movement fuses both with its homegrown designs, which are designed and manufactured in the UAE, marking a first for the region. “Producing locally reduces our carbon footprint because our core team is based in the UAE, along with a large percentage of our customers,” founder Dominic Nowell-Barnes explains. The brand also uses sustainable fabric made from natural resources such as bamboo and recycled water bottles. “By being based here, our carbon emissions are much lower than other brands who buy their fabric from one country, ship to another to be manufactured, ship to another to be stored and then potentially shipped again to reach their customers. It also means that we can invest back into the UAE economy by building a team here in the UAE to help make the garments.”

Launched during lockdown in April 2020, Nowell-Barnes says the Middle Eastern customer is the brand’s number one focus. “As the Middle East is always so diverse, from rustic and raw, to modern and sharp, we highlight this across our collections and offer something for everyone – bright and bold colours, neutral and relaxed fits, as well as the very well-received modest collection, creating more conservative wear that can be layered and styled with your personal touch,” he says. And as the name suggests, The Giving Movement is also committed to giving back with $4 from the sale of each item being donated to two carefully selected partners, Dubai Cares and Harmony House, to help those most in need with support with food, shelter and education. “Each day we share internally and on our social platform the total donations for the day, and this was a great booster for us and our community throughout the lockdown period.” To shop, visit

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  • Words by Aoibhinn Mc Bride