Ten Minutes With Designer Sara Battaglia

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Hot on the heels of her new hyper-bright capsule collection with Marina Rinaldi, MOJEH caught up with Sara Battaglia during her trip to Dubai to talk style, inspiration and the secret to happiness…

What is special about the Sara Battaglia brand?

It’s both extremely sophisticated and feminine at the same time. We create pieces for strong and powerful women who want to feel beautiful and happy every day.

Your use of colour most certainly evokes happiness…

Yes, our collections are always vibrant — even if it’s winter, or the current trend is black. I don’t care. I always try to use colours or play with strong shapes. I like to create unique pieces that make the wearer feel different, beautiful and powerful. And hopefully you’ll get some compliments along the way, too!

Dress yourself happy with an electric collection of hyper-bright hues and feel-good fringing from the Marina Rinaldi capsule

Why did you collaborate with Marina Rinaldi?

I was so happy and honoured when they called me — I couldn’t wait to get involved in their world. I was given creative freedom to do whatever I wanted, and I also found we had lots in common when it came to our designs, too. We both love high waists, for example. They are a trick I use to elongate legs and make women feel more beautiful.

Can you share any other tricks?

Wider pants!

What elements of the Forever Holiday collection do you feel are particularly carefree?

Firstly, our use of colour is designed to make women feel more relaxed. And fringing is important, too — I love the movement when a woman walks or dances. It makes me feel like the fringes are dancing too, like they are an extension of the person.

How would you describe your own personal style?

I always like there to be some details in my look, but the most important thing is that I need to feel comfortable. If I’m not, it ruins my day. Before I leave the house I ask myself if I am happy with how I both look and feel and if the answer is yes, I’m ready to go.

What about when you wake up in a bad mood?

Always opt for colour, red lipstick and high heels.

Where is your happy place?

Definitely by the seaside. It helps me to reconnect with myself, even in the winter. I find it calming and relaxing, and it helps to clear my mind.

Sara Battaglia is the Queen of dopamine dressing

Where do you find your inspiration?

Usually in vintage shops, but lately I’ve been finding inspiration when I travel. So many ideas pop into my mind. Inspiration comes from many places, though — from movies, books or maybe even when I’m dancing at a party and looking at the women around me. It’s all about the emotion I want to transmit.

How do you relax after a long day in the studio?

By spending time with my cats.

What else have you currently got in the pipeline?

I’m working on some other capsule collections — and not only in fashion. Shop the collection

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