Ten Minutes With Designer Peter Dundas

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If there’s one man who has stayed loyal to showcasing, and showing off, the female form, it’s Peter Dundas. Now five years into his eponymous label, MOJEH talks to the designer about the women that inspire him and why yellow is his winning hue

Norwegian fashion designer Peter Dundas has left an indelible mark on the industry over the past two decades. His journey began in the storied houses of Christian Lacroix, Jean Paul Gaultier and Emanuel Ungaro, where even then his designs were steeped in sensuality and an unapologetic approach to femininity. It was in each of these houses that he honed his craft and developed a profound understanding of couture techniques. His most notable tenures were as Creative Director at Emilio Pucci and later at Roberto Cavalli, where the designer showcased an innate ability to blend opulence and sensuality, crafting unforgettable red carpet and runway moments, season after season.

In 2017, Dundas launched his eponymous label alongside his partner Evangelo Bousis. With his signature aesthetic, he continues to captivate the likes of Beyoncé, Naomi Campbell, Reese Witherspoon and, most notably, Michelle Obama. “Shine, reveal, cut and a little rock ‘n’ roll”, are what defines the Dundas DNA, he says. From spring/summer to autumn/winter he effortlessly combines intricate embellishments with bold prints, and delicate fabrics with daring cuts, resulting in looks that exude confidence, allure and an unmistakable je ne sais quoi that’s all his own.

Dundas’s spring/summer 2023 collection (also known as Drop 22) features hints of tailoring and empowering cuts

On your recent collection you have said: “This time it’s all about being more sensual than sexy.” What does ‘sensual’ mean in the world of Dundas?

Sensual for me means a less overt and maybe more elegant way to convey sexuality.

In that case, what does ‘sexy’ mean?

To me sexy means creating desirability in clothes, both for the wearer and those who see the person wearing my designs.

Who in your life most inspires you?

My friends inspire me a lot because I often dress them. When they are not around, I find myself doing mental checks if something can work or not. My mother is also an important inspiration for meal though I barely knew her before she passed away. My father, who worshipped her, made such colourful and vivid descriptions of how she dressed and was as a person; I think it formed my vision of how a woman should express herself.

A standout style from the Dundas SS23 drop

What is the number one rule to feeling confident? 

Know thyself! But seriously, I also do believe that when you look good on the outside you feel good on the inside.

The summer collection is bursting with citrus tones, what do these colours mean to you? 

I think I relate colours back to food. When creating the colour palette I get the same sensations. Colours also make you happy and I want people to be happy.

If you had to remove absolutely everything from a woman’s wardrobe and leave her with only one piece, what would it be? 

A long T-shirt dress. You can wear it anywhere. But, hopefully, a Dundas T-shirt dress of course!

And your most preferred colour when designing?


Yellow is the designer’s favourite hue to incorporate into collections

And on that note, the Dundas collections are bursting with bright, energetic pieces, especially SS23. Why is this important?

These are tough times for many. I don’t think tough times should be about sad clothes. Quite the contrary. I want my designs to make you happy!

There’s a high-low feel to the AW23 collection, what does balance mean to you?

My zodiac ascendant sign is Libra and I like to create a certain harmony. If a dress is short I prefer long sleeves or if a piece is heavy it needs to be counterbalanced by something delicate.

For any woman looking to feel empowered by her wardrobe choices, what are your hero styling rules?

I would probably update her wardrobe every season. Clean out things that she doesn’t wear or that she feels vulnerable wearing, and then also buy a few key pieces of the current season.

What defines evening wear in the world of Dundas?

Shine, reveal, cut and a little rockʻn̓’roll.

“Shine, reveal, cut and a Little Rock ‘n” Roll” define Dundas’s approach to eveningwear

You’re an expert tailor. How should a good suit should make every woman look and feel?   

Good tailoring is like armour, you should feel stronger and more confident.

Whether at your namesake label or under the guise of a long-standing House, designs by Peter Dundas always celebrate and showcase the female form. Why?

I love the body and I love celebrating it. Quite simply.

As fashion moves towards a season less model, what will women find at Dundas when looking for pieces that work for a buy-now-and-wear-forever philosophy?

We have always wanted to be a seasonless brand. I think my jersey dresses and my tailoring is very much that already and, hopefully, it’s timeless too. Shop Dundas

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  • Interview by Kelly Baldwin