Stéphane Rolland’s Desert Nomad

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Photos Courtesy Stéphane Rolland.

The first part of the collection, titled “Partage,” was a collaborative endeavour between students from L’Institut Français de la Mode and ESMOD Paris, showcasing their collective vision and innovative designs. This segment is a platform for emerging talent, blending traditional craftsmanship with contemporary aesthetics. The second part, “Haute Couture,” transitions into the exquisite realm Stéphane Rolland’s Spring Summer 2024 collection.

Rolland’s latest collection emerges as a nearly visionary adornment for the nomad of tomorrow in a dazzling display of boldness and brilliance. 

The ensembles are adorned with chain snoods and sculptural headpieces that cascade down back, alongside articulated cuffs and long gold earpieces set with diamonds, charting a path reminiscent of a pilgrimage.

The collection showcased long white crafted from white gazar and caftans tunics embellished with sand rose motifs in porcelain and golden silicone. 

The traditional sarouel trouser was transformed into a draped muslin toga. Meanwhile, gauze wraps around the legs, mimicking the undulating sand under the wind. A luxurious silk cloak wrapped around the shoulders gracefully swept the floor, exuding a proud and regal demeanour.

A notable first for the show includes a few gowns paired with the latest pieces of jewellery, lavishly encrusted with diamonds and crafted by the designer himself. These pieces feature an extravagant array of carved stones set in engraved white or bark-brown gold, offering a sculptural and organic feel where a sense of rawness was met with extreme sophistication.

The woman is lika a canvas, portrayed as a masterpiece, with golden calligraphies embroidered on a taupe vicuña tunic and golden silicone mosaics tucked within the folds of a grand mikado plastron, evoking the allure of rediscovered treasures. 

The enigma deepens with a moucharabieh leather bustier, barely veiling the mouth over a body clad in beige satin. The hair was neatly tied back, topped by a turban fringed in leather and gold.

The tribal theme is captured through an ivory gauze coat adorned with platinum locks and a black tunic with silver chains. As the desert procession halts at twilight, a Tuareg blue raffia cape dress embroidered with diamonds reflects the blend of cultures. The collection’s drama is designed to appeal to a niche clientele, promising to resonate with its intended audience.