Balenciaga Spring 2025 Takes Over Shanghai

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Images Courtesy of Balenciaga.
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Balenciaga Resort 2025

Balenciaga Resort 2025 Shanghai. Balenciaga Resort 2025 Shanghai. Balenciaga Resort. In a dramatic display of Demna’s signature homeless chic aesthetic, Balenciaga’s first showcase in China featured super-elongated silhouettes, exaggerated fits, and towering platform boots, partnered with influential brand collaborations. Shanghai’s Museum of Art Pudong

The show, staged at the architecturally stunning walkway of Shanghai’s Museum of Art Pudong, designed by Jean Nouvel, underlined the nation’s significance to the brand; Balenciaga boasts more stores in China than any other country.

Backstage, Demna expressed his commitment to directly engaging with his esteemed consumer base in China, a group he deeply respects and values for their unique appreciation of his work, rather than conforming to the traditional cruise collection circuit. Balenciaga Resort 2025 Shanghai.

Under Armour x Balenciaga

True to the Demna spirit, the collection pushed the boundaries with its play on proportions, featuring ultra-elongated, vertical silhouettes accentuated by extreme platform boots and overlong coats.

The colour palette was dominated by shades of black and grey with a few pops of colour like red, pink, blue, and gold, contrasting beautifully against the granite walkway and the magenta and purple-hued backdrop of the Shanghai skyline.

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The Demna dress codes were embodied in form-fitting digital-print bodysuits, strong-shouldered suits, and lace-trimmed dresses. Noteworthy pieces included a trench dress reimagined with a low-slung belt and broad shoulders, a striking gold foil bubble dress, and a ballgown detailed with trompe l’oeil feathers crafted from recycled plastics. Balenciaga Cruise 2025 Shanghai

Dramatic finale.

Accessory highlights of the show were black visors and wraparound shades, with inventive reinterpretations such as shirts transformed into functional handbags and puffer jackets reworked into totes, showcasing a clever play on trompe l’oeil.

This show also featured collaborations with American sportswear brand Under Armour, which combined its logo with Balenciaga’s on zip-up hoodies and exclusive pieces available only on the Balenciaga website.

Alipay x Balenciaga

Another collab was a T-shirt featuring Alipay, China’s leading online payment platform. While some might have thought of the latter as another of Demna’s merchandising tactics, it was a nod to the country’s modernity and a subtle acknowledgement of the brand’s devoted fans in China.

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  • Photos: Courtesy of Balenciaga