Step In Line: 10 Of The Best White Boots To Buy Now

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Chloe SS20

If you’re after a pair of stand out boots to stride into the new season, then look no further…

Although the white boot trend hit the mainstream last autumn winter, consider that a foot in the door. This season they are through the door and up the proverbial ladder, with a new and improved entourage of styles stepping out to solidify white’s place as chair of the boot board. Team with jeans and a blazer for a much fresher alternative to black or brown (below). Add them to your favourite summer floral and you have an instant autumn update. There’s just something about a pair of white, or cream boots, that seem to punctuate an outfit. They have the power to transform something achingly simple into an of-the-moment sartorial triumph.    

Sarah Ellen in a Michael Kors gold top, jeans and white boots at NYFW

This season, they come in all shapes and sizes. Lower micro heels and sock-styles are proving to be particularly well matched with floral dresses (below). The heels needn’t be sky-high to make an impact either. Lace-up Victorian boots – think Maison Margiela – look particularly fine with a knit co-ord or a silk slip skirt and sweater combination. While the more Western and avant guards styles instantly ramp up the kudos of denim.    

Marina Ingvarsson in a Marc dress and white boots at NYFW

They seem to be slightly controversial in fashion speak – you either love them or hate them – but if it’s the latter, we’re here to talk you around to the former. We have fully succumbed to their charm, the instant style gratification that comes with slipping on pair of fresh, white (or cream) boots. They are making a impactful return to our wardrobes, and we couldn’t be happier. It takes confidence to pull them off and that’s exactly the look we’re going for this season.

  • By Elaine Lloyd-Jones