The Style Secrets of Razane Jammal

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Actress Razane Jammal

Actress Razane Jammal

Chanel fidele and one of Business of Fashion’s 500 people shaping the global fashion industry, actress Razane Jammal got her big break in Olivier Assayas’ Carlos and has gone on to star in Emirati horror film, Djinn, and recently Scott Frank’s A Walk Among The Tombstones. We sit down with Razane after our photo shoot for MOJEH Issue 26 to discover some of her best-kept style and beauty secrets.

By Natalie Trevis

What is your go-to fashion uniform?

It depends. If I’m not working then I’m always in casual clothes. It’s nice to have something very comfortable to wear so I’ll just wear a pair of jeans with a t-shirt and accessorise with something funky or fun. But my style is pretty basic and pretty normal, it’s casual. I just want to be as natural as possible and rest myself, my body, my face, my hair as much as I can.

Where do you love to shop?

I love to shop in concept stores. Everywhere I travel I make it a point to go and buy something local. I love buying things that are very true to the country and the place, so concept stores in general. Every country has that and I make sure to get a piece because it’s unique and it’s eclectic and it reflects where you were. I like to shop in smaller places that have multiple brands as opposed to big malls.

How do you pack?

Not light, that’s for sure! I plan according to the days but you can never be prepared enough because there’s always something that hits you and then you just end up having to buy something. But nowadays I’m trying to pack lighter because you never win with packing, you either pack too much or pack too little. I’ve been very good at organising my suitcase, I’m a freak when it comes to that! It’s very methodical how I organize it in the suitcase, but what I take usually changes. But there are some pieces that I keep, like a pair of jogging pants for the set, one nice outfit for meetings, the pyjamas (that I always forget), the toothbrush, the toiletries that I try to make very basic and simple.

Who is your favourite designer for the red carpet, whether international or regional?

I try to do a little bit of both, I like Chanel but I also like to put forward people that I think are very talented and who come from the Arab world. The first time I went to Cannes I wore a Lebanese designer, I wore Basil Soda, I wore Elie Saab, I wore a lot of Lebanese designers that I believe in. I think we should because we have so many talented people and we should put them forth.

Who are your style heroes?

My style heroes are the every day people, the people around me that, no matter what situation, look so fashionable and stylish, even if they’re wearing clothes that are not brands, it’s just how they wear them. So I have my best friend and stylist, Lynn Issa El Khoury, I could not be here without her, she’s the one that’s always with me in terms of what do I wear, what do I do? She’s my guru.  And herself, she’s incredibly stylish, I always take tips from her. And there’s Amine Jreissaty, another stylist, a friend of mine as well. I’m lucky to have all my best friends that are stylists and artists, so I am supported when it comes to that. I quite like Farah Abdul Reda [who works for] Chanel, I love how every time I see her she’s so classy and elegant. I look up to them because I know I have days where I’m like ‘argh’ or I look back and I’m like ‘what was I wearing?’. I’m sure they’re never going to have that.

What’s the one beauty product you can’t live without?

Sunscreen. I never go out without sunscreen.

Do you have a daily beauty regime?

I never sleep with my makeup on, I always make it a point to remove it. So it’s very basic in the morning, wash my face, sunscreen and no makeup. Just the basic, maybe under the eyes because I’m probably tired! After that, at night just wash your face and put on a moisturiser if you feel your skin is dry, if it’s not dry, don’t put anything. Just let it breathe.

What are your must-have products or fragrances?

Yes, Chance from Chanel! They even have a hairspray, it’s so nice because recently I’ve started wearing it and everywhere I go I get [whispers] ‘La Chance’. Everybody can smell it because usually other perfumes wear off, but this one you have the body cream, I put the spray on, I put the hair spray on and I just feel so fresh. It just smells flowery so you smell like a flower all day.  If you’ve been running around all day on set it just keeps you fresh.

Brazilian Blowout shampoos and conditioners, Chanel's Chance and Fleur D'Oranger from Marrakech are some of Razane's must-have beauty products

Any beauty essentials for summer holidays?

I have another product that’s very nice, I’ve just come back from Marrakech and they have Fleur D’Oranger, they have a body wash and everything, it has gardenia. So I would always suggest those instead of buying mainstream bath products. Try to opt for the more flowery scents because they make you start the day on a very fresh note. It suits the summer.

As for tanning, I don’t tan much, but take it gradually. There’s nothing sexy about looking orange, just slow it down. And take advantage of your tan to stay natural, don’t overdo the bronzer. Let your hair down, put the flower in and just enjoy the weather. It’s always summer in Dubai!

And for summer hair?

I use shampoos that are sulphate-free – The Brazilian Blowout. I tend to use leave-in conditioners that are cream based as opposed to oil.

Location courtesy of the Kempinski Hotel & Residences, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai

The beautiful location for our shoot: Kempinski Hotel & Residences, Palm Jumeirah

The beautiful location for our shoot: Kempinski Hotel & Residences, Palm Jumeirah